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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
* drivers/mfd/mfd-core.h
* core MFD support
* Copyright (c) 2006 Ian Molton
* Copyright (c) 2007 Dmitry Baryshkov
#ifndef MFD_CORE_H
#define MFD_CORE_H
#include <linux/platform_device.h>
#define MFD_RES_SIZE(arr) (sizeof(arr) / sizeof(struct resource))
#define MFD_CELL_ALL(_name, _res, _pdata, _pdsize, _id, _compat, _of_reg, _use_of_reg, _match) \
{ \
.name = (_name), \
.resources = (_res), \
.num_resources = MFD_RES_SIZE((_res)), \
.platform_data = (_pdata), \
.pdata_size = (_pdsize), \
.of_compatible = (_compat), \
.of_reg = (_of_reg), \
.use_of_reg = (_use_of_reg), \
.acpi_match = (_match), \
.id = (_id), \
#define MFD_CELL_OF_REG(_name, _res, _pdata, _pdsize, _id, _compat, _of_reg) \
MFD_CELL_ALL(_name, _res, _pdata, _pdsize, _id, _compat, _of_reg, true, NULL)
#define MFD_CELL_OF(_name, _res, _pdata, _pdsize, _id, _compat) \
MFD_CELL_ALL(_name, _res, _pdata, _pdsize, _id, _compat, 0, false, NULL)
#define MFD_CELL_ACPI(_name, _res, _pdata, _pdsize, _id, _match) \
MFD_CELL_ALL(_name, _res, _pdata, _pdsize, _id, NULL, 0, false, _match)
#define MFD_CELL_BASIC(_name, _res, _pdata, _pdsize, _id) \
MFD_CELL_ALL(_name, _res, _pdata, _pdsize, _id, NULL, 0, false, NULL)
#define MFD_CELL_RES(_name, _res) \
MFD_CELL_ALL(_name, _res, NULL, 0, 0, NULL, 0, false, NULL)
#define MFD_CELL_NAME(_name) \
MFD_CELL_ALL(_name, NULL, NULL, 0, 0, NULL, 0, false, NULL)
struct irq_domain;
struct software_node;
/* Matches ACPI PNP id, either _HID or _CID, or ACPI _ADR */
struct mfd_cell_acpi_match {
const char *pnpid;
const unsigned long long adr;
* This struct describes the MFD part ("cell").
* After registration the copy of this structure will become the platform data
* of the resulting platform_device
struct mfd_cell {
const char *name;
int id;
int level;
int (*enable)(struct platform_device *dev);
int (*disable)(struct platform_device *dev);
int (*suspend)(struct platform_device *dev);
int (*resume)(struct platform_device *dev);
/* platform data passed to the sub devices drivers */
void *platform_data;
size_t pdata_size;
/* Software node for the device. */
const struct software_node *swnode;
* Device Tree compatible string
* See: Documentation/devicetree/usage-model.rst Chapter 2.2 for details
const char *of_compatible;
* Address as defined in Device Tree. Used to compement 'of_compatible'
* (above) when matching OF nodes with devices that have identical
* compatible strings
const u64 of_reg;
/* Set to 'true' to use 'of_reg' (above) - allows for of_reg=0 */
bool use_of_reg;
/* Matches ACPI */
const struct mfd_cell_acpi_match *acpi_match;
* These resources can be specified relative to the parent device.
* For accessing hardware you should use resources from the platform dev
int num_resources;
const struct resource *resources;
/* don't check for resource conflicts */
bool ignore_resource_conflicts;
* Disable runtime PM callbacks for this subdevice - see
* pm_runtime_no_callbacks().
bool pm_runtime_no_callbacks;
/* A list of regulator supplies that should be mapped to the MFD
* device rather than the child device when requested
const char * const *parent_supplies;
int num_parent_supplies;
* Convenience functions for clients using shared cells. Refcounting
* happens automatically, with the cell's enable/disable callbacks
* being called only when a device is first being enabled or no other
* clients are making use of it.
extern int mfd_cell_enable(struct platform_device *pdev);
extern int mfd_cell_disable(struct platform_device *pdev);
* Given a platform device that's been created by mfd_add_devices(), fetch
* the mfd_cell that created it.
static inline const struct mfd_cell *mfd_get_cell(struct platform_device *pdev)
return pdev->mfd_cell;
extern int mfd_add_devices(struct device *parent, int id,
const struct mfd_cell *cells, int n_devs,
struct resource *mem_base,
int irq_base, struct irq_domain *irq_domain);
static inline int mfd_add_hotplug_devices(struct device *parent,
const struct mfd_cell *cells, int n_devs)
return mfd_add_devices(parent, PLATFORM_DEVID_AUTO, cells, n_devs,
extern void mfd_remove_devices(struct device *parent);
extern void mfd_remove_devices_late(struct device *parent);
extern int devm_mfd_add_devices(struct device *dev, int id,
const struct mfd_cell *cells, int n_devs,
struct resource *mem_base,
int irq_base, struct irq_domain *irq_domain);