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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
/* MFD cell driver data for the DS1WM driver
* to be defined in the MFD device that is
* using this driver for one of his sub devices
struct ds1wm_driver_data {
int active_high;
int clock_rate;
/* in milliseconds, the amount of time to
* sleep following a reset pulse. Zero
* should work if your bus devices recover
* time respects the 1-wire spec since the
* ds1wm implements the precise timings of
* a reset pulse/presence detect sequence.
unsigned int reset_recover_delay;
/* Say 1 here for big endian Hardware
* (only relevant with bus-shift > 0
bool is_hw_big_endian;
/* left shift of register number to get register address offsett.
* Only 0,1,2 allowed for 8,16 or 32 bit bus width respectively
unsigned int bus_shift;