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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* Header file for the compaq Micro MFD
#ifndef _MFD_IPAQ_MICRO_H_
#define _MFD_IPAQ_MICRO_H_
#include <linux/spinlock.h>
#include <linux/completion.h>
#include <linux/list.h>
#define TX_BUF_SIZE 32
#define RX_BUF_SIZE 16
#define CHAR_SOF 0x02
* These are the different messages that can be sent to the microcontroller
* to control various aspects.
#define MSG_VERSION 0x0
#define MSG_KEYBOARD 0x2
#define MSG_EEPROM_READ 0x4
#define MSG_EEPROM_WRITE 0x5
#define MSG_NOTIFY_LED 0x8
#define MSG_BATTERY 0x9
#define MSG_SPI_READ 0xb
#define MSG_SPI_WRITE 0xc
#define MSG_BACKLIGHT 0xd /* H3600 only */
#define MSG_CODEC_CTRL 0xe /* H3100 only */
#define MSG_DISPLAY_CTRL 0xf /* H3100 only */
/* state of receiver parser */
enum rx_state {
STATE_SOF = 0, /* Next byte should be start of frame */
STATE_ID, /* Next byte is ID & message length */
STATE_DATA, /* Next byte is a data byte */
STATE_CHKSUM /* Next byte should be checksum */
* struct ipaq_micro_txdev - TX state
* @len: length of message in TX buffer
* @index: current index into TX buffer
* @buf: TX buffer
struct ipaq_micro_txdev {
u8 len;
u8 index;
u8 buf[TX_BUF_SIZE];
* struct ipaq_micro_rxdev - RX state
* @state: context of RX state machine
* @chksum: calculated checksum
* @id: message ID from packet
* @len: RX buffer length
* @index: RX buffer index
* @buf: RX buffer
struct ipaq_micro_rxdev {
enum rx_state state;
unsigned char chksum;
u8 id;
unsigned int len;
unsigned int index;
u8 buf[RX_BUF_SIZE];
* struct ipaq_micro_msg - message to the iPAQ microcontroller
* @id: 4-bit ID of the message
* @tx_len: length of TX data
* @tx_data: TX data to send
* @rx_len: length of receieved RX data
* @rx_data: RX data to recieve
* @ack: a completion that will be completed when RX is complete
* @node: list node if message gets queued
struct ipaq_micro_msg {
u8 id;
u8 tx_len;
u8 tx_data[TX_BUF_SIZE];
u8 rx_len;
u8 rx_data[RX_BUF_SIZE];
struct completion ack;
struct list_head node;
* struct ipaq_micro - iPAQ microcontroller state
* @dev: corresponding platform device
* @base: virtual memory base for underlying serial device
* @sdlc: virtual memory base for Synchronous Data Link Controller
* @version: version string
* @tx: TX state
* @rx: RX state
* @lock: lock for this state container
* @msg: current message
* @queue: message queue
* @key: callback for asynchronous key events
* @key_data: data to pass along with key events
* @ts: callback for asynchronous touchscreen events
* @ts_data: data to pass along with key events
struct ipaq_micro {
struct device *dev;
void __iomem *base;
void __iomem *sdlc;
char version[5];
struct ipaq_micro_txdev tx; /* transmit ISR state */
struct ipaq_micro_rxdev rx; /* receive ISR state */
spinlock_t lock;
struct ipaq_micro_msg *msg;
struct list_head queue;
void (*key) (void *data, int len, unsigned char *rxdata);
void *key_data;
void (*ts) (void *data, int len, unsigned char *rxdata);
void *ts_data;
extern int
ipaq_micro_tx_msg(struct ipaq_micro *micro, struct ipaq_micro_msg *msg);
static inline int
ipaq_micro_tx_msg_sync(struct ipaq_micro *micro,
struct ipaq_micro_msg *msg)
int ret;
ret = ipaq_micro_tx_msg(micro, msg);
return ret;
static inline int
ipaq_micro_tx_msg_async(struct ipaq_micro *micro,
struct ipaq_micro_msg *msg)
return ipaq_micro_tx_msg(micro, msg);
#endif /* _MFD_IPAQ_MICRO_H_ */