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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+ */
* Copyright (c) 2011 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd
/* Macros to represent minimum voltages for LDO/BUCK */
#define MIN_3000_MV 3000000
#define MIN_2500_MV 2500000
#define MIN_2000_MV 2000000
#define MIN_1800_MV 1800000
#define MIN_1500_MV 1500000
#define MIN_1400_MV 1400000
#define MIN_1000_MV 1000000
#define MIN_900_MV 900000
#define MIN_850_MV 850000
#define MIN_800_MV 800000
#define MIN_750_MV 750000
#define MIN_650_MV 650000
#define MIN_600_MV 600000
#define MIN_500_MV 500000
/* Ramp delay in uV/us */
#define RAMP_DELAY_12_MVUS 12000
/* Macros to represent steps for LDO/BUCK */
#define STEP_50_MV 50000
#define STEP_25_MV 25000
#define STEP_12_5_MV 12500
#define STEP_6_25_MV 6250
struct gpio_desc;
enum sec_device_type {
* struct sec_pmic_dev - s2m/s5m master device for sub-drivers
* @dev: Master device of the chip
* @pdata: Platform data populated with data from DTS
* or board files
* @regmap_pmic: Regmap associated with PMIC's I2C address
* @i2c: I2C client of the main driver
* @device_type: Type of device, matches enum sec_device_type
* @irq_base: Base IRQ number for device, required for IRQs
* @irq: Generic IRQ number for device
* @irq_data: Runtime data structure for IRQ controller
* @wakeup: Whether or not this is a wakeup device
struct sec_pmic_dev {
struct device *dev;
struct sec_platform_data *pdata;
struct regmap *regmap_pmic;
struct i2c_client *i2c;
unsigned long device_type;
int irq;
struct regmap_irq_chip_data *irq_data;
int sec_irq_init(struct sec_pmic_dev *sec_pmic);
void sec_irq_exit(struct sec_pmic_dev *sec_pmic);
int sec_irq_resume(struct sec_pmic_dev *sec_pmic);
struct sec_platform_data {
struct sec_regulator_data *regulators;
struct sec_opmode_data *opmode;
int num_regulators;
int buck_gpios[3];
int buck_ds[3];
unsigned int buck2_voltage[8];
bool buck2_gpiodvs;
unsigned int buck3_voltage[8];
bool buck3_gpiodvs;
unsigned int buck4_voltage[8];
bool buck4_gpiodvs;
int buck_default_idx;
int buck_ramp_delay;
bool buck2_ramp_enable;
bool buck3_ramp_enable;
bool buck4_ramp_enable;
int buck2_init;
int buck3_init;
int buck4_init;
/* Whether or not manually set PWRHOLD to low during shutdown. */
bool manual_poweroff;
/* Disable the WRSTBI (buck voltage warm reset) when probing? */
bool disable_wrstbi;
* sec_regulator_data - regulator data
* @id: regulator id
* @initdata: regulator init data (contraints, supplies, ...)
struct sec_regulator_data {
int id;
struct regulator_init_data *initdata;
struct device_node *reg_node;
struct gpio_desc *ext_control_gpiod;
* sec_opmode_data - regulator operation mode data
* @id: regulator id
* @mode: regulator operation mode
struct sec_opmode_data {
int id;
unsigned int mode;
* samsung regulator operation mode
* SEC_OPMODE_OFF Regulator always OFF
* SEC_OPMODE_ON Regulator always ON
* SEC_OPMODE_LOWPOWER Regulator is on in low-power mode
* SEC_OPMODE_SUSPEND Regulator is changed by PWREN pin
* If PWREN is high, regulator is on
* If PWREN is low, regulator is off
enum sec_opmode {
#endif /* __LINUX_MFD_SEC_CORE_H */