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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* DIAGNOSE X'2C4' instruction based SE/HMC FTP Services, useable on z/VM
* Notice that all functions exported here are not reentrant.
* So usage should be exclusive, ensured by the caller (e.g. using a
* mutex).
* Copyright IBM Corp. 2013
* Author(s): Ralf Hoppe (
#ifndef __DIAG_FTP_H__
#define __DIAG_FTP_H__
#include "hmcdrv_ftp.h"
int diag_ftp_startup(void);
void diag_ftp_shutdown(void);
ssize_t diag_ftp_cmd(const struct hmcdrv_ftp_cmdspec *ftp, size_t *fsize);
#endif /* __DIAG_FTP_H__ */