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// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
#ifndef __KVM_X86_MMU_TDP_MMU_H
#define __KVM_X86_MMU_TDP_MMU_H
#include <linux/kvm_host.h>
hpa_t kvm_tdp_mmu_get_vcpu_root_hpa(struct kvm_vcpu *vcpu);
__must_check static inline bool kvm_tdp_mmu_get_root(struct kvm *kvm,
struct kvm_mmu_page *root)
if (root->role.invalid)
return false;
return refcount_inc_not_zero(&root->tdp_mmu_root_count);
void kvm_tdp_mmu_put_root(struct kvm *kvm, struct kvm_mmu_page *root,
bool shared);
bool __kvm_tdp_mmu_zap_gfn_range(struct kvm *kvm, int as_id, gfn_t start,
gfn_t end, bool can_yield, bool flush);
static inline bool kvm_tdp_mmu_zap_gfn_range(struct kvm *kvm, int as_id,
gfn_t start, gfn_t end, bool flush)
return __kvm_tdp_mmu_zap_gfn_range(kvm, as_id, start, end, true, flush);
static inline bool kvm_tdp_mmu_zap_sp(struct kvm *kvm, struct kvm_mmu_page *sp)
gfn_t end = sp->gfn + KVM_PAGES_PER_HPAGE(sp->role.level + 1);
* Don't allow yielding, as the caller may have a flush pending. Note,
* if mmu_lock is held for write, zapping will never yield in this case,
* but explicitly disallow it for safety. The TDP MMU does not yield
* until it has made forward progress (steps sideways), and when zapping
* a single shadow page that it's guaranteed to see (thus the mmu_lock
* requirement), its "step sideways" will always step beyond the bounds
* of the shadow page's gfn range and stop iterating before yielding.
return __kvm_tdp_mmu_zap_gfn_range(kvm, kvm_mmu_page_as_id(sp),
sp->gfn, end, false, false);
void kvm_tdp_mmu_zap_all(struct kvm *kvm);
void kvm_tdp_mmu_invalidate_all_roots(struct kvm *kvm);
void kvm_tdp_mmu_zap_invalidated_roots(struct kvm *kvm);
int kvm_tdp_mmu_map(struct kvm_vcpu *vcpu, struct kvm_page_fault *fault);
bool kvm_tdp_mmu_unmap_gfn_range(struct kvm *kvm, struct kvm_gfn_range *range,
bool flush);
bool kvm_tdp_mmu_age_gfn_range(struct kvm *kvm, struct kvm_gfn_range *range);
bool kvm_tdp_mmu_test_age_gfn(struct kvm *kvm, struct kvm_gfn_range *range);
bool kvm_tdp_mmu_set_spte_gfn(struct kvm *kvm, struct kvm_gfn_range *range);
bool kvm_tdp_mmu_wrprot_slot(struct kvm *kvm,
const struct kvm_memory_slot *slot, int min_level);
bool kvm_tdp_mmu_clear_dirty_slot(struct kvm *kvm,
const struct kvm_memory_slot *slot);
void kvm_tdp_mmu_clear_dirty_pt_masked(struct kvm *kvm,
struct kvm_memory_slot *slot,
gfn_t gfn, unsigned long mask,
bool wrprot);
void kvm_tdp_mmu_zap_collapsible_sptes(struct kvm *kvm,
const struct kvm_memory_slot *slot);
bool kvm_tdp_mmu_write_protect_gfn(struct kvm *kvm,
struct kvm_memory_slot *slot, gfn_t gfn,
int min_level);
static inline void kvm_tdp_mmu_walk_lockless_begin(void)
static inline void kvm_tdp_mmu_walk_lockless_end(void)
int kvm_tdp_mmu_get_walk(struct kvm_vcpu *vcpu, u64 addr, u64 *sptes,
int *root_level);
u64 *kvm_tdp_mmu_fast_pf_get_last_sptep(struct kvm_vcpu *vcpu, u64 addr,
u64 *spte);
#ifdef CONFIG_X86_64
bool kvm_mmu_init_tdp_mmu(struct kvm *kvm);
void kvm_mmu_uninit_tdp_mmu(struct kvm *kvm);
static inline bool is_tdp_mmu_page(struct kvm_mmu_page *sp) { return sp->tdp_mmu_page; }
static inline bool is_tdp_mmu(struct kvm_mmu *mmu)
struct kvm_mmu_page *sp;
hpa_t hpa = mmu->root_hpa;
if (WARN_ON(!VALID_PAGE(hpa)))
return false;
* A NULL shadow page is legal when shadowing a non-paging guest with
* PAE paging, as the MMU will be direct with root_hpa pointing at the
* pae_root page, not a shadow page.
sp = to_shadow_page(hpa);
return sp && is_tdp_mmu_page(sp) && sp->root_count;
static inline bool kvm_mmu_init_tdp_mmu(struct kvm *kvm) { return false; }
static inline void kvm_mmu_uninit_tdp_mmu(struct kvm *kvm) {}
static inline bool is_tdp_mmu_page(struct kvm_mmu_page *sp) { return false; }
static inline bool is_tdp_mmu(struct kvm_mmu *mmu) { return false; }
#endif /* __KVM_X86_MMU_TDP_MMU_H */