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// SPDX-License-Identifier: (GPL-2.0-only OR BSD-3-Clause)
// This file is provided under a dual BSD/GPLv2 license. When using or
// redistributing this file, you may do so under either license.
// Copyright(c) 2018 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.
// Authors: Keyon Jie <>
#include <linux/io.h>
#include <sound/hdaudio.h>
#include <sound/hda_i915.h>
#include <sound/hda_codec.h>
#include <sound/hda_register.h>
#include "../sof-priv.h"
#include "hda.h"
#include "../../codecs/hdac_hda.h"
#define sof_hda_ext_ops snd_soc_hdac_hda_get_ops()
#define sof_hda_ext_ops NULL
static void update_codec_wake_enable(struct hdac_bus *bus, unsigned int addr, bool link_power)
unsigned int mask = snd_hdac_chip_readw(bus, WAKEEN);
if (link_power)
mask &= ~BIT(addr);
mask |= BIT(addr);
snd_hdac_chip_updatew(bus, WAKEEN, STATESTS_INT_MASK, mask);
static void sof_hda_bus_link_power(struct hdac_device *codec, bool enable)
struct hdac_bus *bus = codec->bus;
bool oldstate = test_bit(codec->addr, &bus->codec_powered);
snd_hdac_ext_bus_link_power(codec, enable);
if (enable == oldstate)
* Both codec driver and controller can hold references to
* display power. To avoid unnecessary power-up/down cycles,
* controller doesn't immediately release its reference.
* If the codec driver powers down the link, release
* the controller reference as well.
if (codec->addr == HDA_IDISP_ADDR && !enable)
snd_hdac_display_power(bus, HDA_CODEC_IDX_CONTROLLER, false);
/* WAKEEN needs to be set for disabled links */
update_codec_wake_enable(bus, codec->addr, enable);
static const struct hdac_bus_ops bus_core_ops = {
.command = snd_hdac_bus_send_cmd,
.get_response = snd_hdac_bus_get_response,
.link_power = sof_hda_bus_link_power,
* This can be used for both with/without hda link support.
void sof_hda_bus_init(struct hdac_bus *bus, struct device *dev)
snd_hdac_ext_bus_init(bus, dev, &bus_core_ops, sof_hda_ext_ops);
memset(bus, 0, sizeof(*bus));
bus->dev = dev;
bus->irq = -1;
* There is only one HDA bus atm. keep the index as 0.
* Need to fix when there are more than one HDA bus.
bus->idx = 0;