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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+ */
* Driver for USB Mass Storage compliant devices
* Protocol Functions Header File
* Current development and maintenance by:
* (c) 1999, 2000 Matthew Dharm (
* This driver is based on the 'USB Mass Storage Class' document. This
* describes in detail the protocol used to communicate with such
* devices. Clearly, the designers had SCSI and ATAPI commands in
* mind when they created this document. The commands are all very
* similar to commands in the SCSI-II and ATAPI specifications.
* It is important to note that in a number of cases this class
* exhibits class-specific exemptions from the USB specification.
* Notably the usage of NAK, STALL and ACK differs from the norm, in
* that they are used to communicate wait, failed and OK on commands.
* Also, for certain devices, the interrupt endpoint is used to convey
* status of a command.
#ifndef _PROTOCOL_H_
#define _PROTOCOL_H_
/* Protocol handling routines */
extern void usb_stor_pad12_command(struct scsi_cmnd*, struct us_data*);
extern void usb_stor_ufi_command(struct scsi_cmnd*, struct us_data*);
extern void usb_stor_transparent_scsi_command(struct scsi_cmnd*,
struct us_data*);
/* struct scsi_cmnd transfer buffer access utilities */
enum xfer_buf_dir {TO_XFER_BUF, FROM_XFER_BUF};
extern unsigned int usb_stor_access_xfer_buf(unsigned char *buffer,
unsigned int buflen, struct scsi_cmnd *srb, struct scatterlist **,
unsigned int *offset, enum xfer_buf_dir dir);
extern void usb_stor_set_xfer_buf(unsigned char *buffer,
unsigned int buflen, struct scsi_cmnd *srb);