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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
* Kernel Connection Multiplexor
* Copyright (c) 2016 Tom Herbert <>
#ifndef __NET_KCM_H_
#define __NET_KCM_H_
#include <linux/skbuff.h>
#include <net/sock.h>
#include <net/strparser.h>
#include <uapi/linux/kcm.h>
extern unsigned int kcm_net_id;
#define KCM_STATS_ADD(stat, count) ((stat) += (count))
#define KCM_STATS_INCR(stat) ((stat)++)
struct kcm_psock_stats {
unsigned long long tx_msgs;
unsigned long long tx_bytes;
unsigned long long reserved;
unsigned long long unreserved;
unsigned int tx_aborts;
struct kcm_mux_stats {
unsigned long long rx_msgs;
unsigned long long rx_bytes;
unsigned long long tx_msgs;
unsigned long long tx_bytes;
unsigned int rx_ready_drops;
unsigned int tx_retries;
unsigned int psock_attach;
unsigned int psock_unattach_rsvd;
unsigned int psock_unattach;
struct kcm_stats {
unsigned long long rx_msgs;
unsigned long long rx_bytes;
unsigned long long tx_msgs;
unsigned long long tx_bytes;
struct kcm_tx_msg {
unsigned int sent;
unsigned int fragidx;
unsigned int frag_offset;
unsigned int msg_flags;
struct sk_buff *frag_skb;
struct sk_buff *last_skb;
/* Socket structure for KCM client sockets */
struct kcm_sock {
struct sock sk;
struct kcm_mux *mux;
struct list_head kcm_sock_list;
int index;
u32 done : 1;
struct work_struct done_work;
struct kcm_stats stats;
/* Transmit */
struct kcm_psock *tx_psock;
struct work_struct tx_work;
struct list_head wait_psock_list;
struct sk_buff *seq_skb;
u32 tx_stopped : 1;
/* Don't use bit fields here, these are set under different locks */
bool tx_wait;
bool tx_wait_more;
/* Receive */
struct kcm_psock *rx_psock;
struct list_head wait_rx_list; /* KCMs waiting for receiving */
bool rx_wait;
u32 rx_disabled : 1;
struct bpf_prog;
/* Structure for an attached lower socket */
struct kcm_psock {
struct sock *sk;
struct strparser strp;
struct kcm_mux *mux;
int index;
u32 tx_stopped : 1;
u32 done : 1;
u32 unattaching : 1;
void (*save_state_change)(struct sock *sk);
void (*save_data_ready)(struct sock *sk);
void (*save_write_space)(struct sock *sk);
struct list_head psock_list;
struct kcm_psock_stats stats;
/* Receive */
struct list_head psock_ready_list;
struct bpf_prog *bpf_prog;
struct kcm_sock *rx_kcm;
unsigned long long saved_rx_bytes;
unsigned long long saved_rx_msgs;
struct sk_buff *ready_rx_msg;
/* Transmit */
struct kcm_sock *tx_kcm;
struct list_head psock_avail_list;
unsigned long long saved_tx_bytes;
unsigned long long saved_tx_msgs;
/* Per net MUX list */
struct kcm_net {
struct mutex mutex;
struct kcm_psock_stats aggregate_psock_stats;
struct kcm_mux_stats aggregate_mux_stats;
struct strp_aggr_stats aggregate_strp_stats;
struct list_head mux_list;
int count;
/* Structure for a MUX */
struct kcm_mux {
struct list_head kcm_mux_list;
struct rcu_head rcu;
struct kcm_net *knet;
struct list_head kcm_socks; /* All KCM sockets on MUX */
int kcm_socks_cnt; /* Total KCM socket count for MUX */
struct list_head psocks; /* List of all psocks on MUX */
int psocks_cnt; /* Total attached sockets */
struct kcm_mux_stats stats;
struct kcm_psock_stats aggregate_psock_stats;
struct strp_aggr_stats aggregate_strp_stats;
/* Receive */
spinlock_t rx_lock ____cacheline_aligned_in_smp;
struct list_head kcm_rx_waiters; /* KCMs waiting for receiving */
struct list_head psocks_ready; /* List of psocks with a msg ready */
struct sk_buff_head rx_hold_queue;
/* Transmit */
spinlock_t lock ____cacheline_aligned_in_smp; /* TX and mux locking */
struct list_head psocks_avail; /* List of available psocks */
struct list_head kcm_tx_waiters; /* KCMs waiting for a TX psock */
int kcm_proc_init(void);
void kcm_proc_exit(void);
static inline int kcm_proc_init(void) { return 0; }
static inline void kcm_proc_exit(void) { }
static inline void aggregate_psock_stats(struct kcm_psock_stats *stats,
struct kcm_psock_stats *agg_stats)
/* Save psock statistics in the mux when psock is being unattached. */
#define SAVE_PSOCK_STATS(_stat) (agg_stats->_stat += stats->_stat)
static inline void aggregate_mux_stats(struct kcm_mux_stats *stats,
struct kcm_mux_stats *agg_stats)
/* Save psock statistics in the mux when psock is being unattached. */
#define SAVE_MUX_STATS(_stat) (agg_stats->_stat += stats->_stat)
#endif /* __NET_KCM_H_ */