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// SPDX-License-Identifier: (GPL-2.0-only OR BSD-3-Clause)
// Copyright 2020 NXP
// Common helpers for the audio DSP on i.MX8
#include <linux/module.h>
#include <sound/sof/xtensa.h>
#include "../ops.h"
#include "imx-common.h"
* imx8_get_registers() - This function is called in case of DSP oops
* in order to gather information about the registers, filename and
* linenumber and stack.
* @sdev: SOF device
* @xoops: Stores information about registers.
* @panic_info: Stores information about filename and line number.
* @stack: Stores the stack dump.
* @stack_words: Size of the stack dump.
void imx8_get_registers(struct snd_sof_dev *sdev,
struct sof_ipc_dsp_oops_xtensa *xoops,
struct sof_ipc_panic_info *panic_info,
u32 *stack, size_t stack_words)
u32 offset = sdev->dsp_oops_offset;
/* first read registers */
sof_mailbox_read(sdev, offset, xoops, sizeof(*xoops));
/* then get panic info */
if (xoops->arch_hdr.totalsize > EXCEPT_MAX_HDR_SIZE) {
dev_err(sdev->dev, "invalid header size 0x%x. FW oops is bogus\n",
offset += xoops->arch_hdr.totalsize;
sof_mailbox_read(sdev, offset, panic_info, sizeof(*panic_info));
/* then get the stack */
offset += sizeof(*panic_info);
sof_mailbox_read(sdev, offset, stack, stack_words * sizeof(u32));
* imx8_dump() - This function is called when a panic message is
* received from the firmware.
* @sdev: SOF device
* @flags: parameter not used but required by ops prototype
void imx8_dump(struct snd_sof_dev *sdev, u32 flags)
struct sof_ipc_dsp_oops_xtensa xoops;
struct sof_ipc_panic_info panic_info;
u32 stack[IMX8_STACK_DUMP_SIZE];
u32 status;
/* Get information about the panic status from the debug box area.
* Compute the trace point based on the status.
sof_mailbox_read(sdev, sdev->debug_box.offset + 0x4, &status, 4);
/* Get information about the registers, the filename and line
* number and the stack.
imx8_get_registers(sdev, &xoops, &panic_info, stack,
/* Print the information to the console */
snd_sof_get_status(sdev, status, status, &xoops, &panic_info, stack,