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.. SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
LG Gram laptop extra features
By Matan Ziv-Av <>
The following FN keys are ignored by the kernel without this driver:
- FN-F1 (LG control panel) - Generates F15
- FN-F5 (Touchpad toggle) - Generates F21
- FN-F6 (Airplane mode) - Generates RFKILL
- FN-F9 (Reader mode) - Generates F14
The rest of the FN keys work without a need for a special driver.
Reader mode
Writing 0/1 to /sys/devices/platform/lg-laptop/reader_mode disables/enables
reader mode. In this mode the screen colors change (blue color reduced),
and the reader mode indicator LED (on F9 key) turns on.
FN Lock
Writing 0/1 to /sys/devices/platform/lg-laptop/fn_lock disables/enables
FN lock.
Battery care limit
Writing 80/100 to /sys/devices/platform/lg-laptop/battery_care_limit
sets the maximum capacity to charge the battery. Limiting the charge
reduces battery capacity loss over time.
This value is reset to 100 when the kernel boots.
Fan mode
Writing 1/0 to /sys/devices/platform/lg-laptop/fan_mode disables/enables
the fan silent mode.
USB charge
Writing 0/1 to /sys/devices/platform/lg-laptop/usb_charge disables/enables
charging another device from the USB port while the device is turned off.
This value is reset to 0 when the kernel boots.
The are two LED devices supported by the driver:
Keyboard backlight
A led device named kbd_led controls the keyboard backlight. There are three
lighting level: off (0), low (127) and high (255).
The keyboard backlight is also controlled by the key combination FN-F8
which cycles through those levels.
Touchpad indicator LED
On the F5 key. Controlled by led device names tpad_led.