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# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only
config ISDN_CAPI
def_bool ISDN && BT
This provides CAPI (the Common ISDN Application Programming
Interface) Version 2.0, a standard making it easy for programs to
access ISDN hardware in a device independent way. (For details see
<>.) CAPI supports making and accepting voice
and data connections, controlling call options and protocols,
as well as ISDN supplementary services like call forwarding or
three-party conferences (if supported by the specific hardware
This subsystem requires a hardware specific driver.
See CONFIG_BT_CMTP for the last remaining regular driver
in the kernel that uses the CAPI subsystem.
def_bool BT_CMTP
If you say Y here, the kernelcapi driver can make verbose traces
of CAPI messages. This feature can be enabled/disabled via IOCTL for
every controller (default disabled).
def_bool BT_CMTP && TTY
This option will enhance the capabilities of the /dev/capi20
interface. It will provide a means of moving a data connection,
established via the usual /dev/capi20 interface to a special tty
device. If you want to use pppd with pppdcapiplugin to dial up to
your ISP, say Y here.