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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* Copyright (C) 2017 Western Digital Corporation or its affiliates.
* This file is released under the GPL.
#ifndef DM_ZONED_H
#define DM_ZONED_H
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/blkdev.h>
#include <linux/device-mapper.h>
#include <linux/dm-kcopyd.h>
#include <linux/list.h>
#include <linux/spinlock.h>
#include <linux/mutex.h>
#include <linux/workqueue.h>
#include <linux/rwsem.h>
#include <linux/rbtree.h>
#include <linux/radix-tree.h>
#include <linux/shrinker.h>
* dm-zoned creates block devices with 4KB blocks, always.
#define DMZ_BLOCK_SHIFT 12
* 4KB block <-> 512B sector conversion.
#define dmz_blk2sect(b) ((sector_t)(b) << DMZ_BLOCK_SECTORS_SHIFT)
#define dmz_sect2blk(s) ((sector_t)(s) >> DMZ_BLOCK_SECTORS_SHIFT)
#define dmz_bio_block(bio) dmz_sect2blk((bio)->bi_iter.bi_sector)
#define dmz_bio_blocks(bio) dmz_sect2blk(bio_sectors(bio))
struct dmz_metadata;
struct dmz_reclaim;
* Zoned block device information.
struct dmz_dev {
struct block_device *bdev;
struct dmz_metadata *metadata;
struct dmz_reclaim *reclaim;
char name[BDEVNAME_SIZE];
uuid_t uuid;
sector_t capacity;
unsigned int dev_idx;
unsigned int nr_zones;
unsigned int zone_offset;
unsigned int flags;
sector_t zone_nr_sectors;
unsigned int nr_rnd;
atomic_t unmap_nr_rnd;
struct list_head unmap_rnd_list;
struct list_head map_rnd_list;
unsigned int nr_seq;
atomic_t unmap_nr_seq;
struct list_head unmap_seq_list;
struct list_head map_seq_list;
#define dmz_bio_chunk(zmd, bio) ((bio)->bi_iter.bi_sector >> \
#define dmz_chunk_block(zmd, b) ((b) & (dmz_zone_nr_blocks(zmd) - 1))
/* Device flags. */
#define DMZ_BDEV_DYING (1 << 0)
#define DMZ_CHECK_BDEV (2 << 0)
#define DMZ_BDEV_REGULAR (4 << 0)
* Zone descriptor.
struct dm_zone {
/* For listing the zone depending on its state */
struct list_head link;
/* Device containing this zone */
struct dmz_dev *dev;
/* Zone type and state */
unsigned long flags;
/* Zone activation reference count */
atomic_t refcount;
/* Zone id */
unsigned int id;
/* Zone write pointer block (relative to the zone start block) */
unsigned int wp_block;
/* Zone weight (number of valid blocks in the zone) */
unsigned int weight;
/* The chunk that the zone maps */
unsigned int chunk;
* For a sequential data zone, pointer to the random zone
* used as a buffer for processing unaligned writes.
* For a buffer zone, this points back to the data zone.
struct dm_zone *bzone;
* Zone flags.
enum {
/* Zone write type */
/* Zone critical condition */
/* How the zone is being used */
/* Zone internal state */
* Zone data accessors.
#define dmz_is_cache(z) test_bit(DMZ_CACHE, &(z)->flags)
#define dmz_is_rnd(z) test_bit(DMZ_RND, &(z)->flags)
#define dmz_is_seq(z) test_bit(DMZ_SEQ, &(z)->flags)
#define dmz_is_empty(z) ((z)->wp_block == 0)
#define dmz_is_offline(z) test_bit(DMZ_OFFLINE, &(z)->flags)
#define dmz_is_readonly(z) test_bit(DMZ_READ_ONLY, &(z)->flags)
#define dmz_in_reclaim(z) test_bit(DMZ_RECLAIM, &(z)->flags)
#define dmz_is_reserved(z) test_bit(DMZ_RESERVED, &(z)->flags)
#define dmz_seq_write_err(z) test_bit(DMZ_SEQ_WRITE_ERR, &(z)->flags)
#define dmz_reclaim_should_terminate(z) \
test_bit(DMZ_RECLAIM_TERMINATE, &(z)->flags)
#define dmz_is_meta(z) test_bit(DMZ_META, &(z)->flags)
#define dmz_is_buf(z) test_bit(DMZ_BUF, &(z)->flags)
#define dmz_is_data(z) test_bit(DMZ_DATA, &(z)->flags)
#define dmz_weight(z) ((z)->weight)
* Message functions.
#define dmz_dev_info(dev, format, args...) \
DMINFO("(%s): " format, (dev)->name, ## args)
#define dmz_dev_err(dev, format, args...) \
DMERR("(%s): " format, (dev)->name, ## args)
#define dmz_dev_warn(dev, format, args...) \
DMWARN("(%s): " format, (dev)->name, ## args)
#define dmz_dev_debug(dev, format, args...) \
DMDEBUG("(%s): " format, (dev)->name, ## args)
* Functions defined in dm-zoned-metadata.c
int dmz_ctr_metadata(struct dmz_dev *dev, int num_dev,
struct dmz_metadata **zmd, const char *devname);
void dmz_dtr_metadata(struct dmz_metadata *zmd);
int dmz_resume_metadata(struct dmz_metadata *zmd);
void dmz_lock_map(struct dmz_metadata *zmd);
void dmz_unlock_map(struct dmz_metadata *zmd);
void dmz_lock_metadata(struct dmz_metadata *zmd);
void dmz_unlock_metadata(struct dmz_metadata *zmd);
void dmz_lock_flush(struct dmz_metadata *zmd);
void dmz_unlock_flush(struct dmz_metadata *zmd);
int dmz_flush_metadata(struct dmz_metadata *zmd);
const char *dmz_metadata_label(struct dmz_metadata *zmd);
sector_t dmz_start_sect(struct dmz_metadata *zmd, struct dm_zone *zone);
sector_t dmz_start_block(struct dmz_metadata *zmd, struct dm_zone *zone);
unsigned int dmz_nr_chunks(struct dmz_metadata *zmd);
bool dmz_check_dev(struct dmz_metadata *zmd);
bool dmz_dev_is_dying(struct dmz_metadata *zmd);
#define DMZ_ALLOC_RND 0x01
#define DMZ_ALLOC_CACHE 0x02
#define DMZ_ALLOC_SEQ 0x04
#define DMZ_ALLOC_RECLAIM 0x10
struct dm_zone *dmz_alloc_zone(struct dmz_metadata *zmd,
unsigned int dev_idx, unsigned long flags);
void dmz_free_zone(struct dmz_metadata *zmd, struct dm_zone *zone);
void dmz_map_zone(struct dmz_metadata *zmd, struct dm_zone *zone,
unsigned int chunk);
void dmz_unmap_zone(struct dmz_metadata *zmd, struct dm_zone *zone);
unsigned int dmz_nr_zones(struct dmz_metadata *zmd);
unsigned int dmz_nr_cache_zones(struct dmz_metadata *zmd);
unsigned int dmz_nr_unmap_cache_zones(struct dmz_metadata *zmd);
unsigned int dmz_nr_rnd_zones(struct dmz_metadata *zmd, int idx);
unsigned int dmz_nr_unmap_rnd_zones(struct dmz_metadata *zmd, int idx);
unsigned int dmz_nr_seq_zones(struct dmz_metadata *zmd, int idx);
unsigned int dmz_nr_unmap_seq_zones(struct dmz_metadata *zmd, int idx);
unsigned int dmz_zone_nr_blocks(struct dmz_metadata *zmd);
unsigned int dmz_zone_nr_blocks_shift(struct dmz_metadata *zmd);
unsigned int dmz_zone_nr_sectors(struct dmz_metadata *zmd);
unsigned int dmz_zone_nr_sectors_shift(struct dmz_metadata *zmd);
* Activate a zone (increment its reference count).
static inline void dmz_activate_zone(struct dm_zone *zone)
int dmz_lock_zone_reclaim(struct dm_zone *zone);
void dmz_unlock_zone_reclaim(struct dm_zone *zone);
struct dm_zone *dmz_get_zone_for_reclaim(struct dmz_metadata *zmd,
unsigned int dev_idx, bool idle);
struct dm_zone *dmz_get_chunk_mapping(struct dmz_metadata *zmd,
unsigned int chunk, int op);
void dmz_put_chunk_mapping(struct dmz_metadata *zmd, struct dm_zone *zone);
struct dm_zone *dmz_get_chunk_buffer(struct dmz_metadata *zmd,
struct dm_zone *dzone);
int dmz_validate_blocks(struct dmz_metadata *zmd, struct dm_zone *zone,
sector_t chunk_block, unsigned int nr_blocks);
int dmz_invalidate_blocks(struct dmz_metadata *zmd, struct dm_zone *zone,
sector_t chunk_block, unsigned int nr_blocks);
int dmz_block_valid(struct dmz_metadata *zmd, struct dm_zone *zone,
sector_t chunk_block);
int dmz_first_valid_block(struct dmz_metadata *zmd, struct dm_zone *zone,
sector_t *chunk_block);
int dmz_copy_valid_blocks(struct dmz_metadata *zmd, struct dm_zone *from_zone,
struct dm_zone *to_zone);
int dmz_merge_valid_blocks(struct dmz_metadata *zmd, struct dm_zone *from_zone,
struct dm_zone *to_zone, sector_t chunk_block);
* Functions defined in dm-zoned-reclaim.c
int dmz_ctr_reclaim(struct dmz_metadata *zmd, struct dmz_reclaim **zrc, int idx);
void dmz_dtr_reclaim(struct dmz_reclaim *zrc);
void dmz_suspend_reclaim(struct dmz_reclaim *zrc);
void dmz_resume_reclaim(struct dmz_reclaim *zrc);
void dmz_reclaim_bio_acc(struct dmz_reclaim *zrc);
void dmz_schedule_reclaim(struct dmz_reclaim *zrc);
* Functions defined in dm-zoned-target.c
bool dmz_bdev_is_dying(struct dmz_dev *dmz_dev);
bool dmz_check_bdev(struct dmz_dev *dmz_dev);
* Deactivate a zone. This decrement the zone reference counter
* indicating that all BIOs to the zone have completed when the count is 0.
static inline void dmz_deactivate_zone(struct dm_zone *zone)
* Test if a zone is active, that is, has a refcount > 0.
static inline bool dmz_is_active(struct dm_zone *zone)
return atomic_read(&zone->refcount);
#endif /* DM_ZONED_H */