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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* When building position independent code with GCC using the -fPIC option,
* (or even the -fPIE one on older versions), it will assume that we are
* building a dynamic object (either a shared library or an executable) that
* may have symbol references that can only be resolved at load time. For a
* variety of reasons (ELF symbol preemption, the CoW footprint of the section
* that is modified by the loader), this results in all references to symbols
* with external linkage to go via entries in the Global Offset Table (GOT),
* which carries absolute addresses which need to be fixed up when the
* executable image is loaded at an offset which is different from its link
* time offset.
* Fortunately, there is a way to inform the compiler that such symbol
* references will be satisfied at link time rather than at load time, by
* giving them 'hidden' visibility.
#pragma GCC visibility push(hidden)