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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later */
struct rb_node {
unsigned long __rb_parent_color;
struct rb_node *rb_right;
struct rb_node *rb_left;
} __attribute__((aligned(sizeof(long))));
/* The alignment might seem pointless, but allegedly CRIS needs it */
struct rb_root {
struct rb_node *rb_node;
* Leftmost-cached rbtrees.
* We do not cache the rightmost node based on footprint
* size vs number of potential users that could benefit
* from O(1) rb_last(). Just not worth it, users that want
* this feature can always implement the logic explicitly.
* Furthermore, users that want to cache both pointers may
* find it a bit asymmetric, but that's ok.
struct rb_root_cached {
struct rb_root rb_root;
struct rb_node *rb_leftmost;
#define RB_ROOT (struct rb_root) { NULL, }
#define RB_ROOT_CACHED (struct rb_root_cached) { {NULL, }, NULL }