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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
#ifndef _RESCTRL_H
#define _RESCTRL_H
#include <linux/kernel.h>
#include <linux/list.h>
#include <linux/pid.h>
int proc_resctrl_show(struct seq_file *m,
struct pid_namespace *ns,
struct pid *pid,
struct task_struct *tsk);
* enum resctrl_conf_type - The type of configuration.
* @CDP_NONE: No prioritisation, both code and data are controlled or monitored.
* @CDP_CODE: Configuration applies to instruction fetches.
* @CDP_DATA: Configuration applies to reads and writes.
enum resctrl_conf_type {
#define CDP_NUM_TYPES (CDP_DATA + 1)
* struct resctrl_staged_config - parsed configuration to be applied
* @new_ctrl: new ctrl value to be loaded
* @have_new_ctrl: whether the user provided new_ctrl is valid
struct resctrl_staged_config {
u32 new_ctrl;
bool have_new_ctrl;
* struct rdt_domain - group of CPUs sharing a resctrl resource
* @list: all instances of this resource
* @id: unique id for this instance
* @cpu_mask: which CPUs share this resource
* @rmid_busy_llc: bitmap of which limbo RMIDs are above threshold
* @mbm_total: saved state for MBM total bandwidth
* @mbm_local: saved state for MBM local bandwidth
* @mbm_over: worker to periodically read MBM h/w counters
* @cqm_limbo: worker to periodically read CQM h/w counters
* @mbm_work_cpu: worker CPU for MBM h/w counters
* @cqm_work_cpu: worker CPU for CQM h/w counters
* @plr: pseudo-locked region (if any) associated with domain
* @staged_config: parsed configuration to be applied
struct rdt_domain {
struct list_head list;
int id;
struct cpumask cpu_mask;
unsigned long *rmid_busy_llc;
struct mbm_state *mbm_total;
struct mbm_state *mbm_local;
struct delayed_work mbm_over;
struct delayed_work cqm_limbo;
int mbm_work_cpu;
int cqm_work_cpu;
struct pseudo_lock_region *plr;
struct resctrl_staged_config staged_config[CDP_NUM_TYPES];
* struct resctrl_cache - Cache allocation related data
* @cbm_len: Length of the cache bit mask
* @min_cbm_bits: Minimum number of consecutive bits to be set
* @shareable_bits: Bitmask of shareable resource with other
* executing entities
* @arch_has_sparse_bitmaps: True if a bitmap like f00f is valid.
* @arch_has_empty_bitmaps: True if the '0' bitmap is valid.
* @arch_has_per_cpu_cfg: True if QOS_CFG register for this cache
* level has CPU scope.
struct resctrl_cache {
unsigned int cbm_len;
unsigned int min_cbm_bits;
unsigned int shareable_bits;
bool arch_has_sparse_bitmaps;
bool arch_has_empty_bitmaps;
bool arch_has_per_cpu_cfg;
* enum membw_throttle_mode - System's memory bandwidth throttling mode
* @THREAD_THROTTLE_UNDEFINED: Not relevant to the system
* @THREAD_THROTTLE_MAX: Memory bandwidth is throttled at the core
* always using smallest bandwidth percentage
* assigned to threads, aka "max throttling"
* @THREAD_THROTTLE_PER_THREAD: Memory bandwidth is throttled at the thread
enum membw_throttle_mode {
* struct resctrl_membw - Memory bandwidth allocation related data
* @min_bw: Minimum memory bandwidth percentage user can request
* @bw_gran: Granularity at which the memory bandwidth is allocated
* @delay_linear: True if memory B/W delay is in linear scale
* @arch_needs_linear: True if we can't configure non-linear resources
* @throttle_mode: Bandwidth throttling mode when threads request
* different memory bandwidths
* @mba_sc: True if MBA software controller(mba_sc) is enabled
* @mb_map: Mapping of memory B/W percentage to memory B/W delay
struct resctrl_membw {
u32 min_bw;
u32 bw_gran;
u32 delay_linear;
bool arch_needs_linear;
enum membw_throttle_mode throttle_mode;
bool mba_sc;
u32 *mb_map;
struct rdt_parse_data;
struct resctrl_schema;
* struct rdt_resource - attributes of a resctrl resource
* @rid: The index of the resource
* @alloc_enabled: Is allocation enabled on this machine
* @mon_enabled: Is monitoring enabled for this feature
* @alloc_capable: Is allocation available on this machine
* @mon_capable: Is monitor feature available on this machine
* @num_rmid: Number of RMIDs available
* @cache_level: Which cache level defines scope of this resource
* @cache: Cache allocation related data
* @membw: If the component has bandwidth controls, their properties.
* @domains: All domains for this resource
* @name: Name to use in "schemata" file.
* @data_width: Character width of data when displaying
* @default_ctrl: Specifies default cache cbm or memory B/W percent.
* @format_str: Per resource format string to show domain value
* @parse_ctrlval: Per resource function pointer to parse control values
* @evt_list: List of monitoring events
* @fflags: flags to choose base and info files
* @cdp_capable: Is the CDP feature available on this resource
struct rdt_resource {
int rid;
bool alloc_enabled;
bool mon_enabled;
bool alloc_capable;
bool mon_capable;
int num_rmid;
int cache_level;
struct resctrl_cache cache;
struct resctrl_membw membw;
struct list_head domains;
char *name;
int data_width;
u32 default_ctrl;
const char *format_str;
int (*parse_ctrlval)(struct rdt_parse_data *data,
struct resctrl_schema *s,
struct rdt_domain *d);
struct list_head evt_list;
unsigned long fflags;
bool cdp_capable;
* struct resctrl_schema - configuration abilities of a resource presented to
* user-space
* @list: Member of resctrl_schema_all.
* @name: The name to use in the "schemata" file.
* @conf_type: Whether this schema is specific to code/data.
* @res: The resource structure exported by the architecture to describe
* the hardware that is configured by this schema.
* @num_closid: The number of closid that can be used with this schema. When
* features like CDP are enabled, this will be lower than the
* hardware supports for the resource.
struct resctrl_schema {
struct list_head list;
char name[8];
enum resctrl_conf_type conf_type;
struct rdt_resource *res;
u32 num_closid;
/* The number of closid supported by this resource regardless of CDP */
u32 resctrl_arch_get_num_closid(struct rdt_resource *r);
int resctrl_arch_update_domains(struct rdt_resource *r, u32 closid);
u32 resctrl_arch_get_config(struct rdt_resource *r, struct rdt_domain *d,
u32 closid, enum resctrl_conf_type type);
#endif /* _RESCTRL_H */