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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
#define CODEMERCS_MAGIC_NUMBER 0xC0 /* like COde Mercenaries */
/* Define the ioctl commands for reading and writing data */
A struct for available device info which is read
with the ioctl IOW_GETINFO.
To be compatible with 2.4 userspace which didn't have an easy way to get
this information.
struct iowarrior_info {
/* vendor id : supposed to be USB_VENDOR_ID_CODEMERCS in all cases */
__u32 vendor;
/* product id : depends on type of chip (USB_DEVICE_ID_CODEMERCS_X) */
__u32 product;
/* the serial number of our chip (if a serial-number is not available
* this is empty string) */
__u8 serial[9];
/* revision number of the chip */
__u32 revision;
/* USB-speed of the device (0=UNKNOWN, 1=LOW, 2=FULL 3=HIGH) */
__u32 speed;
/* power consumption of the device in mA */
__u32 power;
/* the number of the endpoint */
__u32 if_num;
/* size of the data-packets on this interface */
__u32 report_size;
Get some device-information (product-id , serial-number etc.)
in order to identify a chip.
#define IOW_GETINFO _IOR(CODEMERCS_MAGIC_NUMBER, 3, struct iowarrior_info)
#endif /* __LINUX_USB_IOWARRIOR_H */