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Binding for dual-GPIO LED found on Network Space v2 (and parents).
Required properties:
- compatible: "lacie,ns2-leds".
Each LED is represented as a sub-node of the ns2-leds device.
Required sub-node properties:
- cmd-gpio: Command LED GPIO. See OF device-tree GPIO specification.
- slow-gpio: Slow LED GPIO. See OF device-tree GPIO specification.
- modes-map: A mapping between LED modes (off, on or SATA activity blinking) and
the corresponding cmd-gpio/slow-gpio values. All the GPIO values combinations
should be given in order to avoid having an unknown mode at driver probe time.
Optional sub-node properties:
- label: Name for this LED. If omitted, the label is taken from the node name.
- linux,default-trigger: Trigger assigned to the LED.
#include <dt-bindings/leds/leds-ns2.h>
ns2-leds {
compatible = "lacie,ns2-leds";
blue-sata {
label = "ns2:blue:sata";
slow-gpio = <&gpio0 29 0>;
cmd-gpio = <&gpio0 30 0>;
modes-map = <NS_V2_LED_OFF 0 1
NS_V2_LED_ON 1 0
NS_V2_LED_ON 0 0
NS_V2_LED_SATA 1 1>;