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* Cadence Universal Flash Storage (UFS) Controller
UFS nodes are defined to describe on-chip UFS host controllers.
Each UFS controller instance should have its own node.
Please see the ufshcd-pltfrm.txt for a list of all available properties.
Required properties:
- compatible : Compatible list, contains one of the following controllers:
"cdns,ufshc" - Generic CDNS HCI,
"cdns,ufshc-m31-16nm" - CDNS UFS HC + M31 16nm PHY
complemented with the JEDEC version:
- reg : Address and length of the UFS register set.
- interrupts : One interrupt mapping.
- freq-table-hz : Clock frequency table.
See the ufshcd-pltfrm.txt for details.
- clocks : List of phandle and clock specifier pairs.
- clock-names : List of clock input name strings sorted in the same
order as the clocks property. "core_clk" is mandatory.
Depending on a type of a PHY,
the "phy_clk" clock can also be added, if needed.
ufs@fd030000 {
compatible = "cdns,ufshc", "jedec,ufs-2.0";
reg = <0xfd030000 0x10000>;
interrupts = <0 1 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
freq-table-hz = <0 0>, <0 0>;
clocks = <&ufs_core_clk>, <&ufs_phy_clk>;
clock-names = "core_clk", "phy_clk";