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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
* Qualcomm Technologies HIDMA data structures
* Copyright (c) 2014-2016, The Linux Foundation. All rights reserved.
#ifndef QCOM_HIDMA_H
#define QCOM_HIDMA_H
#include <linux/kfifo.h>
#include <linux/interrupt.h>
#include <linux/dmaengine.h>
#define HIDMA_TRE_SIZE 32 /* each TRE is 32 bytes */
enum tre_type {
struct hidma_tre {
atomic_t allocated; /* if this channel is allocated */
bool queued; /* flag whether this is pending */
u16 status; /* status */
u32 idx; /* index of the tre */
u32 dma_sig; /* signature of the tre */
const char *dev_name; /* name of the device */
void (*callback)(void *data); /* requester callback */
void *data; /* Data associated with this channel*/
struct hidma_lldev *lldev; /* lldma device pointer */
u32 tre_local[HIDMA_TRE_SIZE / sizeof(u32) + 1]; /* TRE local copy */
u32 tre_index; /* the offset where this was written*/
u32 int_flags; /* interrupt flags */
u8 err_info; /* error record in this transfer */
u8 err_code; /* completion code */
struct hidma_lldev {
bool msi_support; /* flag indicating MSI support */
bool initialized; /* initialized flag */
u8 trch_state; /* trch_state of the device */
u8 evch_state; /* evch_state of the device */
u8 chidx; /* channel index in the core */
u32 nr_tres; /* max number of configs */
spinlock_t lock; /* reentrancy */
struct hidma_tre *trepool; /* trepool of user configs */
struct device *dev; /* device */
void __iomem *trca; /* Transfer Channel address */
void __iomem *evca; /* Event Channel address */
struct hidma_tre
**pending_tre_list; /* Pointers to pending TREs */
atomic_t pending_tre_count; /* Number of TREs pending */
void *tre_ring; /* TRE ring */
dma_addr_t tre_dma; /* TRE ring to be shared with HW */
u32 tre_ring_size; /* Byte size of the ring */
u32 tre_processed_off; /* last processed TRE */
void *evre_ring; /* EVRE ring */
dma_addr_t evre_dma; /* EVRE ring to be shared with HW */
u32 evre_ring_size; /* Byte size of the ring */
u32 evre_processed_off; /* last processed EVRE */
u32 tre_write_offset; /* TRE write location */
struct tasklet_struct task; /* task delivering notifications */
struct hidma_tre *); /* pending TREs FIFO */
struct hidma_desc {
struct dma_async_tx_descriptor desc;
/* link list node for this channel*/
struct list_head node;
u32 tre_ch;
struct hidma_chan {
bool paused;
bool allocated;
char dbg_name[16];
u32 dma_sig;
dma_cookie_t last_success;
* active descriptor on this channel
* It is used by the DMA complete notification to
* locate the descriptor that initiated the transfer.
struct hidma_dev *dmadev;
struct hidma_desc *running;
struct dma_chan chan;
struct list_head free;
struct list_head prepared;
struct list_head queued;
struct list_head active;
struct list_head completed;
/* Lock for this structure */
spinlock_t lock;
struct hidma_dev {
int irq;
int chidx;
u32 nr_descriptors;
int msi_virqbase;
struct hidma_lldev *lldev;
void __iomem *dev_trca;
struct resource *trca_resource;
void __iomem *dev_evca;
struct resource *evca_resource;
/* used to protect the pending channel list*/
spinlock_t lock;
struct dma_device ddev;
struct dentry *debugfs;
/* sysfs entry for the channel id */
struct device_attribute *chid_attrs;
/* Task delivering issue_pending */
struct tasklet_struct task;
int hidma_ll_request(struct hidma_lldev *llhndl, u32 dev_id,
const char *dev_name,
void (*callback)(void *data), void *data, u32 *tre_ch);
void hidma_ll_free(struct hidma_lldev *llhndl, u32 tre_ch);
enum dma_status hidma_ll_status(struct hidma_lldev *llhndl, u32 tre_ch);
bool hidma_ll_isenabled(struct hidma_lldev *llhndl);
void hidma_ll_queue_request(struct hidma_lldev *llhndl, u32 tre_ch);
void hidma_ll_start(struct hidma_lldev *llhndl);
int hidma_ll_disable(struct hidma_lldev *lldev);
int hidma_ll_enable(struct hidma_lldev *llhndl);
void hidma_ll_set_transfer_params(struct hidma_lldev *llhndl, u32 tre_ch,
dma_addr_t src, dma_addr_t dest, u32 len, u32 flags, u32 txntype);
void hidma_ll_setup_irq(struct hidma_lldev *lldev, bool msi);
int hidma_ll_setup(struct hidma_lldev *lldev);
struct hidma_lldev *hidma_ll_init(struct device *dev, u32 max_channels,
void __iomem *trca, void __iomem *evca,
u8 chidx);
int hidma_ll_uninit(struct hidma_lldev *llhndl);
irqreturn_t hidma_ll_inthandler(int irq, void *arg);
irqreturn_t hidma_ll_inthandler_msi(int irq, void *arg, int cause);
void hidma_cleanup_pending_tre(struct hidma_lldev *llhndl, u8 err_info,
u8 err_code);
void hidma_debug_init(struct hidma_dev *dmadev);
void hidma_debug_uninit(struct hidma_dev *dmadev);