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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* Copyright (C) 2015-2018 Etnaviv Project
#ifndef __ETNAVIV_GEM_H__
#define __ETNAVIV_GEM_H__
#include <linux/dma-resv.h>
#include "etnaviv_cmdbuf.h"
#include "etnaviv_drv.h"
struct dma_fence;
struct etnaviv_gem_ops;
struct etnaviv_gem_object;
struct etnaviv_gem_userptr {
uintptr_t ptr;
struct mm_struct *mm;
bool ro;
struct etnaviv_vram_mapping {
struct list_head obj_node;
struct list_head scan_node;
struct list_head mmu_node;
struct etnaviv_gem_object *object;
struct etnaviv_iommu_context *context;
struct drm_mm_node vram_node;
unsigned int use;
u32 iova;
struct etnaviv_gem_object {
struct drm_gem_object base;
const struct etnaviv_gem_ops *ops;
struct mutex lock;
u32 flags;
struct list_head gem_node;
struct etnaviv_gpu *gpu; /* non-null if active */
atomic_t gpu_active;
u32 access;
struct page **pages;
struct sg_table *sgt;
void *vaddr;
struct list_head vram_list;
/* cache maintenance */
u32 last_cpu_prep_op;
struct etnaviv_gem_userptr userptr;
static inline
struct etnaviv_gem_object *to_etnaviv_bo(struct drm_gem_object *obj)
return container_of(obj, struct etnaviv_gem_object, base);
struct etnaviv_gem_ops {
int (*get_pages)(struct etnaviv_gem_object *);
void (*release)(struct etnaviv_gem_object *);
void *(*vmap)(struct etnaviv_gem_object *);
int (*mmap)(struct etnaviv_gem_object *, struct vm_area_struct *);
static inline bool is_active(struct etnaviv_gem_object *etnaviv_obj)
return atomic_read(&etnaviv_obj->gpu_active) != 0;
#define MAX_CMDS 4
struct etnaviv_gem_submit_bo {
u32 flags;
u64 va;
struct etnaviv_gem_object *obj;
struct etnaviv_vram_mapping *mapping;
struct dma_fence *excl;
unsigned int nr_shared;
struct dma_fence **shared;
/* Created per submit-ioctl, to track bo's and cmdstream bufs, etc,
* associated with the cmdstream submission for synchronization (and
* make it easier to unwind when things go wrong, etc).
struct etnaviv_gem_submit {
struct drm_sched_job sched_job;
struct kref refcount;
struct etnaviv_file_private *ctx;
struct etnaviv_gpu *gpu;
struct etnaviv_iommu_context *mmu_context, *prev_mmu_context;
struct dma_fence *out_fence, *in_fence;
int out_fence_id;
struct list_head node; /* GPU active submit list */
struct etnaviv_cmdbuf cmdbuf;
bool runtime_resumed;
u32 exec_state;
u32 flags;
unsigned int nr_pmrs;
struct etnaviv_perfmon_request *pmrs;
unsigned int nr_bos;
struct etnaviv_gem_submit_bo bos[];
/* No new members here, the previous one is variable-length! */
void etnaviv_submit_put(struct etnaviv_gem_submit * submit);
int etnaviv_gem_wait_bo(struct etnaviv_gpu *gpu, struct drm_gem_object *obj,
struct drm_etnaviv_timespec *timeout);
int etnaviv_gem_new_private(struct drm_device *dev, size_t size, u32 flags,
const struct etnaviv_gem_ops *ops, struct etnaviv_gem_object **res);
void etnaviv_gem_obj_add(struct drm_device *dev, struct drm_gem_object *obj);
struct page **etnaviv_gem_get_pages(struct etnaviv_gem_object *obj);
void etnaviv_gem_put_pages(struct etnaviv_gem_object *obj);
struct etnaviv_vram_mapping *etnaviv_gem_mapping_get(
struct drm_gem_object *obj, struct etnaviv_iommu_context *mmu_context,
u64 va);
void etnaviv_gem_mapping_unreference(struct etnaviv_vram_mapping *mapping);
#endif /* __ETNAVIV_GEM_H__ */