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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT */
* Copyright © 2019 Intel Corporation
#include <linux/average.h>
#include <linux/kref.h>
#include <linux/list.h>
#include <linux/mutex.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
#include "i915_active_types.h"
#include "i915_sw_fence.h"
#include "i915_utils.h"
#include "intel_engine_types.h"
#include "intel_sseu.h"
#include "uc/intel_guc_fwif.h"
DECLARE_EWMA(runtime, 3, 8);
struct i915_gem_context;
struct i915_gem_ww_ctx;
struct i915_vma;
struct intel_breadcrumbs;
struct intel_context;
struct intel_ring;
struct intel_context_ops {
unsigned long flags;
int (*alloc)(struct intel_context *ce);
void (*ban)(struct intel_context *ce, struct i915_request *rq);
int (*pre_pin)(struct intel_context *ce, struct i915_gem_ww_ctx *ww, void **vaddr);
int (*pin)(struct intel_context *ce, void *vaddr);
void (*unpin)(struct intel_context *ce);
void (*post_unpin)(struct intel_context *ce);
void (*cancel_request)(struct intel_context *ce,
struct i915_request *rq);
void (*enter)(struct intel_context *ce);
void (*exit)(struct intel_context *ce);
void (*sched_disable)(struct intel_context *ce);
void (*reset)(struct intel_context *ce);
void (*destroy)(struct kref *kref);
/* virtual/parallel engine/context interface */
struct intel_context *(*create_virtual)(struct intel_engine_cs **engine,
unsigned int count,
unsigned long flags);
struct intel_context *(*create_parallel)(struct intel_engine_cs **engines,
unsigned int num_siblings,
unsigned int width);
struct intel_engine_cs *(*get_sibling)(struct intel_engine_cs *engine,
unsigned int sibling);
struct intel_context {
* Note: Some fields may be accessed under RCU.
* Unless otherwise noted a field can safely be assumed to be protected
* by strong reference counting.
union {
struct kref ref; /* no kref_get_unless_zero()! */
struct rcu_head rcu;
struct intel_engine_cs *engine;
struct intel_engine_cs *inflight;
#define __intel_context_inflight(engine) ptr_mask_bits(engine, 3)
#define __intel_context_inflight_count(engine) ptr_unmask_bits(engine, 3)
#define intel_context_inflight(ce) \
#define intel_context_inflight_count(ce) \
struct i915_address_space *vm;
struct i915_gem_context __rcu *gem_context;
* @signal_lock protects the list of requests that need signaling,
* @signals. While there are any requests that need signaling,
* we add the context to the breadcrumbs worker, and remove it
* upon completion/cancellation of the last request.
struct list_head signal_link; /* Accessed under RCU */
struct list_head signals; /* Guarded by signal_lock */
spinlock_t signal_lock; /* protects signals, the list of requests */
struct i915_vma *state;
u32 ring_size;
struct intel_ring *ring;
struct intel_timeline *timeline;
unsigned long flags;
struct {
u64 timeout_us;
} watchdog;
u32 *lrc_reg_state;
union {
struct {
u32 lrca;
u32 ccid;
u64 desc;
} lrc;
u32 tag; /* cookie passed to HW to track this context on submission */
/* Time on GPU as tracked by the hw. */
struct {
struct ewma_runtime avg;
u64 total;
u32 last;
I915_SELFTEST_DECLARE(u32 num_underflow);
I915_SELFTEST_DECLARE(u32 max_underflow);
} runtime;
unsigned int active_count; /* protected by timeline->mutex */
atomic_t pin_count;
struct mutex pin_mutex; /* guards pinning and associated on-gpuing */
* active: Active tracker for the rq activity (inc. external) on this
* intel_context object.
struct i915_active active;
const struct intel_context_ops *ops;
/** sseu: Control eu/slice partitioning */
struct intel_sseu sseu;
* pinned_contexts_link: List link for the engine's pinned contexts.
* This is only used if this is a perma-pinned kernel context and
* the list is assumed to only be manipulated during driver load
* or unload time so no mutex protection currently.
struct list_head pinned_contexts_link;
u8 wa_bb_page; /* if set, page num reserved for context workarounds */
struct {
/** @lock: protects everything in guc_state */
spinlock_t lock;
* @sched_state: scheduling state of this context using GuC
* submission
u32 sched_state;
* @fences: maintains a list of requests that are currently
* being fenced until a GuC operation completes
struct list_head fences;
* @blocked: fence used to signal when the blocking of a
* context's submissions is complete.
struct i915_sw_fence blocked;
/** @number_committed_requests: number of committed requests */
int number_committed_requests;
/** @requests: list of active requests on this context */
struct list_head requests;
/** @prio: the context's current guc priority */
u8 prio;
* @prio_count: a counter of the number requests in flight in
* each priority bucket
u32 prio_count[GUC_CLIENT_PRIORITY_NUM];
} guc_state;
struct {
* @id: handle which is used to uniquely identify this context
* with the GuC, protected by guc->submission_state.lock
u16 id;
* @ref: the number of references to the guc_id, when
* transitioning in and out of zero protected by
* guc->submission_state.lock
atomic_t ref;
* @link: in guc->guc_id_list when the guc_id has no refs but is
* still valid, protected by guc->submission_state.lock
struct list_head link;
} guc_id;
* @destroyed_link: link in guc->submission_state.destroyed_contexts, in
* list when context is pending to be destroyed (deregistered with the
* GuC), protected by guc->submission_state.lock
struct list_head destroyed_link;
/** @parallel: sub-structure for parallel submission members */
struct {
union {
* @child_list: parent's list of children
* contexts, no protection as immutable after context
* creation
struct list_head child_list;
* @child_link: child's link into parent's list of
* children
struct list_head child_link;
/** @parent: pointer to parent if child */
struct intel_context *parent;
* @last_rq: last request submitted on a parallel context, used
* to insert submit fences between requests in the parallel
* context
struct i915_request *last_rq;
* @fence_context: fence context composite fence when doing
* parallel submission
u64 fence_context;
* @seqno: seqno for composite fence when doing parallel
* submission
u32 seqno;
/** @number_children: number of children if parent */
u8 number_children;
/** @child_index: index into child_list if child */
u8 child_index;
/** @guc: GuC specific members for parallel submission */
struct {
/** @wqi_head: head pointer in work queue */
u16 wqi_head;
/** @wqi_tail: tail pointer in work queue */
u16 wqi_tail;
* @parent_page: page in context state (ce->state) used
* by parent for work queue, process descriptor
u8 parent_page;
} guc;
} parallel;
* @drop_schedule_enable: Force drop of schedule enable G2H for selftest
bool drop_schedule_enable;
* @drop_schedule_disable: Force drop of schedule disable G2H for
* selftest
bool drop_schedule_disable;
* @drop_deregister: Force drop of deregister G2H for selftest
bool drop_deregister;
#endif /* __INTEL_CONTEXT_TYPES__ */