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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT */
* Copyright © 2019 Intel Corporation
#include <linux/atomic.h>
#include <linux/ktime.h>
#include <linux/mutex.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/workqueue.h>
struct intel_ips {
u64 last_count1;
unsigned long last_time1;
unsigned long chipset_power;
u64 last_count2;
u64 last_time2;
unsigned long gfx_power;
u8 corr;
int c, m;
struct intel_rps_ei {
ktime_t ktime;
u32 render_c0;
u32 media_c0;
enum {
struct intel_rps {
struct mutex lock; /* protects enabling and the worker */
* work, interrupts_enabled and pm_iir are protected by
* dev_priv->irq_lock
struct timer_list timer;
struct work_struct work;
unsigned long flags;
ktime_t pm_timestamp;
u32 pm_interval;
u32 pm_iir;
/* PM interrupt bits that should never be masked */
u32 pm_intrmsk_mbz;
u32 pm_events;
/* Frequencies are stored in potentially platform dependent multiples.
* In other words, *_freq needs to be multiplied by X to be interesting.
* Soft limits are those which are used for the dynamic reclocking done
* by the driver (raise frequencies under heavy loads, and lower for
* lighter loads). Hard limits are those imposed by the hardware.
* A distinction is made for overclocking, which is never enabled by
* default, and is considered to be above the hard limit if it's
* possible at all.
u8 cur_freq; /* Current frequency (cached, may not == HW) */
u8 last_freq; /* Last SWREQ frequency */
u8 min_freq_softlimit; /* Minimum frequency permitted by the driver */
u8 max_freq_softlimit; /* Max frequency permitted by the driver */
u8 max_freq; /* Maximum frequency, RP0 if not overclocking */
u8 min_freq; /* AKA RPn. Minimum frequency */
u8 boost_freq; /* Frequency to request when wait boosting */
u8 idle_freq; /* Frequency to request when we are idle */
u8 efficient_freq; /* AKA RPe. Pre-determined balanced frequency */
u8 rp1_freq; /* "less than" RP0 power/freqency */
u8 rp0_freq; /* Non-overclocked max frequency. */
u16 gpll_ref_freq; /* vlv/chv GPLL reference frequency */
int last_adj;
struct {
struct mutex mutex;
unsigned int interactive;
u8 up_threshold; /* Current %busy required to uplock */
u8 down_threshold; /* Current %busy required to downclock */
} power;
atomic_t num_waiters;
unsigned int boosts;
/* manual wa residency calculations */
struct intel_rps_ei ei;
struct intel_ips ips;
#endif /* INTEL_RPS_TYPES_H */