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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT */
/* Copyright (C) 2006-2016 Oracle Corporation */
#include <linux/genalloc.h>
#include "vboxvideo.h"
* Structure grouping the context needed for sending graphics acceleration
* information to the host via VBVA. Each screen has its own VBVA buffer.
struct vbva_buf_ctx {
/* Offset of the buffer in the VRAM section for the screen */
u32 buffer_offset;
/* Length of the buffer in bytes */
u32 buffer_length;
/* Set if we wrote to the buffer faster than the host could read it */
bool buffer_overflow;
/* VBVA record that we are currently preparing for the host, or NULL */
struct vbva_record *record;
* Pointer to the VBVA buffer mapped into the current address space.
* Will be NULL if VBVA is not enabled.
struct vbva_buffer *vbva;
int hgsmi_report_flags_location(struct gen_pool *ctx, u32 location);
int hgsmi_send_caps_info(struct gen_pool *ctx, u32 caps);
int hgsmi_test_query_conf(struct gen_pool *ctx);
int hgsmi_query_conf(struct gen_pool *ctx, u32 index, u32 *value_ret);
int hgsmi_update_pointer_shape(struct gen_pool *ctx, u32 flags,
u32 hot_x, u32 hot_y, u32 width, u32 height,
u8 *pixels, u32 len);
int hgsmi_cursor_position(struct gen_pool *ctx, bool report_position,
u32 x, u32 y, u32 *x_host, u32 *y_host);
bool vbva_enable(struct vbva_buf_ctx *vbva_ctx, struct gen_pool *ctx,
struct vbva_buffer *vbva, s32 screen);
void vbva_disable(struct vbva_buf_ctx *vbva_ctx, struct gen_pool *ctx,
s32 screen);
bool vbva_buffer_begin_update(struct vbva_buf_ctx *vbva_ctx,
struct gen_pool *ctx);
void vbva_buffer_end_update(struct vbva_buf_ctx *vbva_ctx);
bool vbva_write(struct vbva_buf_ctx *vbva_ctx, struct gen_pool *ctx,
const void *p, u32 len);
void vbva_setup_buffer_context(struct vbva_buf_ctx *vbva_ctx,
u32 buffer_offset, u32 buffer_length);
void hgsmi_process_display_info(struct gen_pool *ctx, u32 display,
s32 origin_x, s32 origin_y, u32 start_offset,
u32 pitch, u32 width, u32 height,
u16 bpp, u16 flags);
int hgsmi_update_input_mapping(struct gen_pool *ctx, s32 origin_x, s32 origin_y,
u32 width, u32 height);
int hgsmi_get_mode_hints(struct gen_pool *ctx, unsigned int screens,
struct vbva_modehint *hints);