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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 OR MIT */
* Xen para-virtual DRM device
* Copyright (C) 2016-2018 EPAM Systems Inc.
* Author: Oleksandr Andrushchenko <>
#include <linux/completion.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <xen/interface/io/ring.h>
#include <xen/interface/io/displif.h>
* All operations which are not connector oriented use this ctrl event channel,
* e.g. fb_attach/destroy which belong to a DRM device, not to a CRTC.
enum xen_drm_front_evtchnl_state {
enum xen_drm_front_evtchnl_type {
struct xen_drm_front_drm_info;
struct xen_drm_front_evtchnl {
struct xen_drm_front_info *front_info;
int gref;
int port;
int irq;
int index;
enum xen_drm_front_evtchnl_state state;
enum xen_drm_front_evtchnl_type type;
/* either response id or incoming event id */
u16 evt_id;
/* next request id or next expected event id */
u16 evt_next_id;
union {
struct {
struct xen_displif_front_ring ring;
struct completion completion;
/* latest response status */
int resp_status;
/* serializer for backend IO: request/response */
struct mutex req_io_lock;
} req;
struct {
struct xendispl_event_page *page;
} evt;
} u;
struct xen_drm_front_evtchnl_pair {
struct xen_drm_front_evtchnl req;
struct xen_drm_front_evtchnl evt;
int xen_drm_front_evtchnl_create_all(struct xen_drm_front_info *front_info);
int xen_drm_front_evtchnl_publish_all(struct xen_drm_front_info *front_info);
void xen_drm_front_evtchnl_flush(struct xen_drm_front_evtchnl *evtchnl);
void xen_drm_front_evtchnl_set_state(struct xen_drm_front_info *front_info,
enum xen_drm_front_evtchnl_state state);
void xen_drm_front_evtchnl_free_all(struct xen_drm_front_info *front_info);
#endif /* __XEN_DRM_FRONT_EVTCHNL_H_ */