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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later */
* AMD MP2 Sensors transport driver
* Copyright 2020-2021 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
* Authors: Nehal Bakulchandra Shah <>
* Sandeep Singh <>
* Basavaraj Natikar <>
#ifndef AMDSFH_HID_H
#define AMDSFH_HID_H
#define BUS_AMD_AMDTP 0x20
#define AMD_SFH_HID_VENDOR 0x1022
#define AMD_SFH_HID_PRODUCT 0x0001
struct amd_input_data {
u32 *sensor_virt_addr[MAX_HID_DEVICES];
u8 *input_report[MAX_HID_DEVICES];
struct amdtp_cl_data {
u8 init_done;
u32 cur_hid_dev;
u32 hid_dev_count;
u32 num_hid_devices;
struct device_info *hid_devices;
u8 *report_descr[MAX_HID_DEVICES];
int report_descr_sz[MAX_HID_DEVICES];
struct hid_device *hid_sensor_hubs[MAX_HID_DEVICES];
u8 *hid_descr[MAX_HID_DEVICES];
int hid_descr_size[MAX_HID_DEVICES];
phys_addr_t phys_addr_base;
dma_addr_t sensor_dma_addr[MAX_HID_DEVICES];
u32 sensor_sts[MAX_HID_DEVICES];
u32 sensor_requested_cnt[MAX_HID_DEVICES];
u8 report_type[MAX_HID_DEVICES];
u8 report_id[MAX_HID_DEVICES];
u8 sensor_idx[MAX_HID_DEVICES];
u8 *feature_report[MAX_HID_DEVICES];
u8 request_done[MAX_HID_DEVICES];
struct amd_input_data *in_data;
struct delayed_work work;
struct delayed_work work_buffer;
* struct amdtp_hid_data - Per instance HID data
* @index: Device index in the order of enumeration
* @request_done: Get Feature/Input report complete flag
* used during get/set request from hid core
* @cli_data: Link to the client instance
* @hid_wait: Completion waitq
* Used to tie hid->driver data to driver client instance
struct amdtp_hid_data {
int index;
struct amdtp_cl_data *cli_data;
wait_queue_head_t hid_wait;
/* Interface functions between HID LL driver and AMD SFH client */
void hid_amdtp_set_feature(struct hid_device *hid, char *buf, u32 len, int report_id);
void hid_amdtp_get_report(struct hid_device *hid, int report_id, int report_type);
int amdtp_hid_probe(u32 cur_hid_dev, struct amdtp_cl_data *cli_data);
void amdtp_hid_remove(struct amdtp_cl_data *cli_data);
int amd_sfh_get_report(struct hid_device *hid, int report_id, int report_type);
void amd_sfh_set_report(struct hid_device *hid, int report_id, int report_type);
void amdtp_hid_wakeup(struct hid_device *hid);
u8 get_input_report(u8 current_index, int sensor_idx, int report_id,
struct amd_input_data *in_data);