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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause */
* Copyright (c) 2020, MIPI Alliance, Inc.
* Author: Nicolas Pitre <>
* Common HCI stuff
#ifndef HCI_H
#define HCI_H
/* Handy logging macro to save on line length */
#define DBG(x, ...) pr_devel("%s: " x "\n", __func__, ##__VA_ARGS__)
/* 32-bit word aware bit and mask macros */
#define W0_MASK(h, l) GENMASK((h) - 0, (l) - 0)
#define W1_MASK(h, l) GENMASK((h) - 32, (l) - 32)
#define W2_MASK(h, l) GENMASK((h) - 64, (l) - 64)
#define W3_MASK(h, l) GENMASK((h) - 96, (l) - 96)
/* Same for single bit macros (trailing _ to align with W*_MASK width) */
#define W0_BIT_(x) BIT((x) - 0)
#define W1_BIT_(x) BIT((x) - 32)
#define W2_BIT_(x) BIT((x) - 64)
#define W3_BIT_(x) BIT((x) - 96)
struct hci_cmd_ops;
/* Our main structure */
struct i3c_hci {
struct i3c_master_controller master;
void __iomem *base_regs;
void __iomem *DAT_regs;
void __iomem *DCT_regs;
void __iomem *RHS_regs;
void __iomem *PIO_regs;
void __iomem *EXTCAPS_regs;
void __iomem *AUTOCMD_regs;
void __iomem *DEBUG_regs;
const struct hci_io_ops *io;
void *io_data;
const struct hci_cmd_ops *cmd;
atomic_t next_cmd_tid;
u32 caps;
unsigned int quirks;
unsigned int DAT_entries;
unsigned int DAT_entry_size;
void *DAT_data;
unsigned int DCT_entries;
unsigned int DCT_entry_size;
u8 version_major;
u8 version_minor;
u8 revision;
u32 vendor_mipi_id;
u32 vendor_version_id;
u32 vendor_product_id;
void *vendor_data;
* Structure to represent a master initiated transfer.
* The rnw, data and data_len fields must be initialized before calling any
* hci->cmd->*() method. The cmd method will initialize cmd_desc[] and
* possibly modify (clear) the data field. Then xfer->cmd_desc[0] can
* be augmented with CMD_0_ROC and/or CMD_0_TOC.
* The completion field needs to be initialized before queueing with
* hci->io->queue_xfer(), and requires CMD_0_ROC to be set.
struct hci_xfer {
u32 cmd_desc[4];
u32 response;
bool rnw;
void *data;
unsigned int data_len;
unsigned int cmd_tid;
struct completion *completion;
union {
struct {
/* PIO specific */
struct hci_xfer *next_xfer;
struct hci_xfer *next_data;
struct hci_xfer *next_resp;
unsigned int data_left;
u32 data_word_before_partial;
struct {
/* DMA specific */
dma_addr_t data_dma;
int ring_number;
int ring_entry;
static inline struct hci_xfer *hci_alloc_xfer(unsigned int n)
return kzalloc(sizeof(struct hci_xfer) * n, GFP_KERNEL);
static inline void hci_free_xfer(struct hci_xfer *xfer, unsigned int n)
/* This abstracts PIO vs DMA operations */
struct hci_io_ops {
bool (*irq_handler)(struct i3c_hci *hci, unsigned int mask);
int (*queue_xfer)(struct i3c_hci *hci, struct hci_xfer *xfer, int n);
bool (*dequeue_xfer)(struct i3c_hci *hci, struct hci_xfer *xfer, int n);
int (*request_ibi)(struct i3c_hci *hci, struct i3c_dev_desc *dev,
const struct i3c_ibi_setup *req);
void (*free_ibi)(struct i3c_hci *hci, struct i3c_dev_desc *dev);
void (*recycle_ibi_slot)(struct i3c_hci *hci, struct i3c_dev_desc *dev,
struct i3c_ibi_slot *slot);
int (*init)(struct i3c_hci *hci);
void (*cleanup)(struct i3c_hci *hci);
extern const struct hci_io_ops mipi_i3c_hci_pio;
extern const struct hci_io_ops mipi_i3c_hci_dma;
/* Our per device master private data */
struct i3c_hci_dev_data {
int dat_idx;
void *ibi_data;
/* list of quirks */
#define HCI_QUIRK_RAW_CCC BIT(1) /* CCC framing must be explicit */
/* global functions */
void mipi_i3c_hci_resume(struct i3c_hci *hci);
void mipi_i3c_hci_pio_reset(struct i3c_hci *hci);
void mipi_i3c_hci_dct_index_reset(struct i3c_hci *hci);