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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later */
* Copyright (C) 2020 Invensense, Inc.
#ifndef INV_ICM42600_BUFFER_H_
#define INV_ICM42600_BUFFER_H_
#include <linux/kernel.h>
#include <linux/bits.h>
struct inv_icm42600_state;
#define INV_ICM42600_SENSOR_GYRO BIT(0)
#define INV_ICM42600_SENSOR_ACCEL BIT(1)
#define INV_ICM42600_SENSOR_TEMP BIT(2)
* struct inv_icm42600_fifo - FIFO state variables
* @on: reference counter for FIFO on.
* @en: bits field of INV_ICM42600_SENSOR_* for FIFO EN bits.
* @period: FIFO internal period.
* @watermark: watermark configuration values for accel and gyro.
* @count: number of bytes in the FIFO data buffer.
* @nb: gyro, accel and total samples in the FIFO data buffer.
* @data: FIFO data buffer aligned for DMA (2kB + 32 bytes of read cache).
struct inv_icm42600_fifo {
unsigned int on;
unsigned int en;
uint32_t period;
struct {
unsigned int gyro;
unsigned int accel;
} watermark;
size_t count;
struct {
size_t gyro;
size_t accel;
size_t total;
} nb;
uint8_t data[2080] ____cacheline_aligned;
/* FIFO data packet */
struct inv_icm42600_fifo_sensor_data {
__be16 x;
__be16 y;
__be16 z;
} __packed;
#define INV_ICM42600_FIFO_DATA_INVALID -32768
static inline int16_t inv_icm42600_fifo_get_sensor_data(__be16 d)
return be16_to_cpu(d);
static inline bool
inv_icm42600_fifo_is_data_valid(const struct inv_icm42600_fifo_sensor_data *s)
int16_t x, y, z;
x = inv_icm42600_fifo_get_sensor_data(s->x);
y = inv_icm42600_fifo_get_sensor_data(s->y);
z = inv_icm42600_fifo_get_sensor_data(s->z);
if (x == INV_ICM42600_FIFO_DATA_INVALID &&
return false;
return true;
ssize_t inv_icm42600_fifo_decode_packet(const void *packet, const void **accel,
const void **gyro, const int8_t **temp,
const void **timestamp, unsigned int *odr);
extern const struct iio_buffer_setup_ops inv_icm42600_buffer_ops;
int inv_icm42600_buffer_init(struct inv_icm42600_state *st);
void inv_icm42600_buffer_update_fifo_period(struct inv_icm42600_state *st);
int inv_icm42600_buffer_set_fifo_en(struct inv_icm42600_state *st,
unsigned int fifo_en);
int inv_icm42600_buffer_update_watermark(struct inv_icm42600_state *st);
int inv_icm42600_buffer_fifo_read(struct inv_icm42600_state *st,
unsigned int max);
int inv_icm42600_buffer_fifo_parse(struct inv_icm42600_state *st);
int inv_icm42600_buffer_hwfifo_flush(struct inv_icm42600_state *st,
unsigned int count);