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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later */
* Copyright (C) 2020 Invensense, Inc.
#ifndef INV_ICM42600_TIMESTAMP_H_
#define INV_ICM42600_TIMESTAMP_H_
#include <linux/kernel.h>
struct inv_icm42600_state;
* struct inv_icm42600_timestamp_interval - timestamps interval
* @lo: interval lower bound
* @up: interval upper bound
struct inv_icm42600_timestamp_interval {
int64_t lo;
int64_t up;
* struct inv_icm42600_timestamp_acc - accumulator for computing an estimation
* @val: current estimation of the value, the mean of all values
* @idx: current index of the next free place in values table
* @values: table of all measured values, use for computing the mean
struct inv_icm42600_timestamp_acc {
uint32_t val;
size_t idx;
uint32_t values[32];
* struct inv_icm42600_timestamp - timestamp management states
* @it: interrupts interval timestamps
* @timestamp: store last timestamp for computing next data timestamp
* @mult: current internal period multiplier
* @new_mult: new set internal period multiplier (not yet effective)
* @period: measured current period of the sensor
* @chip_period: accumulator for computing internal chip period
struct inv_icm42600_timestamp {
struct inv_icm42600_timestamp_interval it;
int64_t timestamp;
uint32_t mult;
uint32_t new_mult;
uint32_t period;
struct inv_icm42600_timestamp_acc chip_period;
void inv_icm42600_timestamp_init(struct inv_icm42600_timestamp *ts,
uint32_t period);
int inv_icm42600_timestamp_setup(struct inv_icm42600_state *st);
int inv_icm42600_timestamp_update_odr(struct inv_icm42600_timestamp *ts,
uint32_t period, bool fifo);
void inv_icm42600_timestamp_interrupt(struct inv_icm42600_timestamp *ts,
uint32_t fifo_period, size_t fifo_nb,
size_t sensor_nb, int64_t timestamp);
static inline int64_t
inv_icm42600_timestamp_pop(struct inv_icm42600_timestamp *ts)
ts->timestamp += ts->period;
return ts->timestamp;
void inv_icm42600_timestamp_apply_odr(struct inv_icm42600_timestamp *ts,
uint32_t fifo_period, size_t fifo_nb,
unsigned int fifo_no);
static inline void
inv_icm42600_timestamp_reset(struct inv_icm42600_timestamp *ts)
const struct inv_icm42600_timestamp_interval interval_init = {0LL, 0LL};
ts->it = interval_init;
ts->timestamp = 0;