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// SPDX-License-Identifier: ISC
* Copyright (c) 2010 Broadcom Corporation
#include "debug.h"
/* IDs of the 6 default common rings of msgbuf protocol */
/* The level of bus communication with the dongle */
enum brcmf_bus_state {
BRCMF_BUS_DOWN, /* Not ready for frame transfers */
BRCMF_BUS_UP /* Ready for frame transfers */
/* The level of bus communication with the dongle */
enum brcmf_bus_protocol_type {
struct brcmf_mp_device;
struct brcmf_bus_dcmd {
char *name;
char *param;
int param_len;
struct list_head list;
* struct brcmf_bus_ops - bus callback operations.
* @preinit: execute bus/device specific dongle init commands (optional).
* @init: prepare for communication with dongle.
* @stop: clear pending frames, disable data flow.
* @txdata: send a data frame to the dongle. When the data
* has been transferred, the common driver must be
* notified using brcmf_txcomplete(). The common
* driver calls this function with interrupts
* disabled.
* @txctl: transmit a control request message to dongle.
* @rxctl: receive a control response message from dongle.
* @gettxq: obtain a reference of bus transmit queue (optional).
* @wowl_config: specify if dongle is configured for wowl when going to suspend
* @get_ramsize: obtain size of device memory.
* @get_memdump: obtain device memory dump in provided buffer.
* @get_fwname: obtain firmware name.
* This structure provides an abstract interface towards the
* bus specific driver. For control messages to common driver
* will assure there is only one active transaction. Unless
* indicated otherwise these callbacks are mandatory.
struct brcmf_bus_ops {
int (*preinit)(struct device *dev);
void (*stop)(struct device *dev);
int (*txdata)(struct device *dev, struct sk_buff *skb);
int (*txctl)(struct device *dev, unsigned char *msg, uint len);
int (*rxctl)(struct device *dev, unsigned char *msg, uint len);
struct pktq * (*gettxq)(struct device *dev);
void (*wowl_config)(struct device *dev, bool enabled);
size_t (*get_ramsize)(struct device *dev);
int (*get_memdump)(struct device *dev, void *data, size_t len);
int (*get_fwname)(struct device *dev, const char *ext,
unsigned char *fw_name);
void (*debugfs_create)(struct device *dev);
int (*reset)(struct device *dev);
* struct brcmf_bus_msgbuf - bus ringbuf if in case of msgbuf.
* @commonrings: commonrings which are always there.
* @flowrings: commonrings which are dynamically created and destroyed for data.
* @rx_dataoffset: if set then all rx data has this this offset.
* @max_rxbufpost: maximum number of buffers to post for rx.
* @max_flowrings: maximum number of tx flow rings supported.
* @max_submissionrings: maximum number of submission rings(h2d) supported.
* @max_completionrings: maximum number of completion rings(d2h) supported.
struct brcmf_bus_msgbuf {
struct brcmf_commonring *commonrings[BRCMF_NROF_COMMON_MSGRINGS];
struct brcmf_commonring **flowrings;
u32 rx_dataoffset;
u32 max_rxbufpost;
u16 max_flowrings;
u16 max_submissionrings;
u16 max_completionrings;
* struct brcmf_bus_stats - bus statistic counters.
* @pktcowed: packets cowed for extra headroom/unorphan.
* @pktcow_failed: packets dropped due to failed cow-ing.
struct brcmf_bus_stats {
atomic_t pktcowed;
atomic_t pktcow_failed;
* struct brcmf_bus - interface structure between common and bus layer
* @bus_priv: pointer to private bus device.
* @proto_type: protocol type, bcdc or msgbuf
* @dev: device pointer of bus device.
* @drvr: public driver information.
* @state: operational state of the bus interface.
* @stats: statistics shared between common and bus layer.
* @maxctl: maximum size for rxctl request message.
* @chip: device identifier of the dongle chip.
* @always_use_fws_queue: bus wants use queue also when fwsignal is inactive.
* @wowl_supported: is wowl supported by bus driver.
* @chiprev: revision of the dongle chip.
* @msgbuf: msgbuf protocol parameters provided by bus layer.
struct brcmf_bus {
union {
struct brcmf_sdio_dev *sdio;
struct brcmf_usbdev *usb;
struct brcmf_pciedev *pcie;
} bus_priv;
enum brcmf_bus_protocol_type proto_type;
struct device *dev;
struct brcmf_pub *drvr;
enum brcmf_bus_state state;
struct brcmf_bus_stats stats;
uint maxctl;
u32 chip;
u32 chiprev;
bool always_use_fws_queue;
bool wowl_supported;
const struct brcmf_bus_ops *ops;
struct brcmf_bus_msgbuf *msgbuf;
* callback wrappers
static inline int brcmf_bus_preinit(struct brcmf_bus *bus)
if (!bus->ops->preinit)
return 0;
return bus->ops->preinit(bus->dev);
static inline void brcmf_bus_stop(struct brcmf_bus *bus)
static inline int brcmf_bus_txdata(struct brcmf_bus *bus, struct sk_buff *skb)
return bus->ops->txdata(bus->dev, skb);
static inline
int brcmf_bus_txctl(struct brcmf_bus *bus, unsigned char *msg, uint len)
return bus->ops->txctl(bus->dev, msg, len);
static inline
int brcmf_bus_rxctl(struct brcmf_bus *bus, unsigned char *msg, uint len)
return bus->ops->rxctl(bus->dev, msg, len);
static inline
struct pktq *brcmf_bus_gettxq(struct brcmf_bus *bus)
if (!bus->ops->gettxq)
return ERR_PTR(-ENOENT);
return bus->ops->gettxq(bus->dev);
static inline
void brcmf_bus_wowl_config(struct brcmf_bus *bus, bool enabled)
if (bus->ops->wowl_config)
bus->ops->wowl_config(bus->dev, enabled);
static inline size_t brcmf_bus_get_ramsize(struct brcmf_bus *bus)
if (!bus->ops->get_ramsize)
return 0;
return bus->ops->get_ramsize(bus->dev);
static inline
int brcmf_bus_get_memdump(struct brcmf_bus *bus, void *data, size_t len)
if (!bus->ops->get_memdump)
return bus->ops->get_memdump(bus->dev, data, len);
static inline
int brcmf_bus_get_fwname(struct brcmf_bus *bus, const char *ext,
unsigned char *fw_name)
return bus->ops->get_fwname(bus->dev, ext, fw_name);
static inline
void brcmf_bus_debugfs_create(struct brcmf_bus *bus)
if (!bus->ops->debugfs_create)
return bus->ops->debugfs_create(bus->dev);
static inline
int brcmf_bus_reset(struct brcmf_bus *bus)
if (!bus->ops->reset)
return bus->ops->reset(bus->dev);
* interface functions from common layer
/* Receive frame for delivery to OS. Callee disposes of rxp. */
void brcmf_rx_frame(struct device *dev, struct sk_buff *rxp, bool handle_event,
bool inirq);
/* Receive async event packet from firmware. Callee disposes of rxp. */
void brcmf_rx_event(struct device *dev, struct sk_buff *rxp);
int brcmf_alloc(struct device *dev, struct brcmf_mp_device *settings);
/* Indication from bus module regarding presence/insertion of dongle. */
int brcmf_attach(struct device *dev);
/* Indication from bus module regarding removal/absence of dongle */
void brcmf_detach(struct device *dev);
void brcmf_free(struct device *dev);
/* Indication from bus module that dongle should be reset */
void brcmf_dev_reset(struct device *dev);
/* Request from bus module to initiate a coredump */
void brcmf_dev_coredump(struct device *dev);
/* Indication that firmware has halted or crashed */
void brcmf_fw_crashed(struct device *dev);
/* Configure the "global" bus state used by upper layers */
void brcmf_bus_change_state(struct brcmf_bus *bus, enum brcmf_bus_state state);
s32 brcmf_iovar_data_set(struct device *dev, char *name, void *data, u32 len);
void brcmf_bus_add_txhdrlen(struct device *dev, uint len);
void brcmf_sdio_exit(void);
int brcmf_sdio_register(void);
static inline void brcmf_sdio_exit(void) { }
static inline int brcmf_sdio_register(void) { return 0; }
void brcmf_usb_exit(void);
int brcmf_usb_register(void);
static inline void brcmf_usb_exit(void) { }
static inline int brcmf_usb_register(void) { return 0; }
void brcmf_pcie_exit(void);
int brcmf_pcie_register(void);
static inline void brcmf_pcie_exit(void) { }
static inline int brcmf_pcie_register(void) { return 0; }
#endif /* BRCMFMAC_BUS_H */