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// SPDX-License-Identifier: ISC
* Copyright (c) 2014 Broadcom Corporation
#ifndef BRCMF_CHIP_H
#define BRCMF_CHIP_H
#include <linux/types.h>
#define CORE_CC_REG(base, field) \
(base + offsetof(struct chipcregs, field))
* struct brcmf_chip - chip level information.
* @chip: chip identifier.
* @chiprev: chip revision.
* @enum_base: base address of core enumeration space.
* @cc_caps: chipcommon core capabilities.
* @cc_caps_ext: chipcommon core extended capabilities.
* @pmucaps: PMU capabilities.
* @pmurev: PMU revision.
* @rambase: RAM base address (only applicable for ARM CR4 chips).
* @ramsize: amount of RAM on chip including retention.
* @srsize: amount of retention RAM on chip.
* @name: string representation of the chip identifier.
struct brcmf_chip {
u32 chip;
u32 chiprev;
u32 enum_base;
u32 cc_caps;
u32 cc_caps_ext;
u32 pmucaps;
u32 pmurev;
u32 rambase;
u32 ramsize;
u32 srsize;
char name[12];
* struct brcmf_core - core related information.
* @id: core identifier.
* @rev: core revision.
* @base: base address of core register space.
struct brcmf_core {
u16 id;
u16 rev;
u32 base;
* struct brcmf_buscore_ops - buscore specific callbacks.
* @read32: read 32-bit value over bus.
* @write32: write 32-bit value over bus.
* @prepare: prepare bus for core configuration.
* @setup: bus-specific core setup.
* @active: chip becomes active.
* The callback should use the provided @rstvec when non-zero.
struct brcmf_buscore_ops {
u32 (*read32)(void *ctx, u32 addr);
void (*write32)(void *ctx, u32 addr, u32 value);
int (*prepare)(void *ctx);
int (*reset)(void *ctx, struct brcmf_chip *chip);
int (*setup)(void *ctx, struct brcmf_chip *chip);
void (*activate)(void *ctx, struct brcmf_chip *chip, u32 rstvec);
int brcmf_chip_get_raminfo(struct brcmf_chip *pub);
struct brcmf_chip *brcmf_chip_attach(void *ctx, u16 devid,
const struct brcmf_buscore_ops *ops);
void brcmf_chip_detach(struct brcmf_chip *chip);
struct brcmf_core *brcmf_chip_get_core(struct brcmf_chip *chip, u16 coreid);
struct brcmf_core *brcmf_chip_get_d11core(struct brcmf_chip *pub, u8 unit);
struct brcmf_core *brcmf_chip_get_chipcommon(struct brcmf_chip *chip);
struct brcmf_core *brcmf_chip_get_pmu(struct brcmf_chip *pub);
bool brcmf_chip_iscoreup(struct brcmf_core *core);
void brcmf_chip_coredisable(struct brcmf_core *core, u32 prereset, u32 reset);
void brcmf_chip_resetcore(struct brcmf_core *core, u32 prereset, u32 reset,
u32 postreset);
void brcmf_chip_set_passive(struct brcmf_chip *ci);
bool brcmf_chip_set_active(struct brcmf_chip *ci, u32 rstvec);
bool brcmf_chip_sr_capable(struct brcmf_chip *pub);
char *brcmf_chip_name(u32 chipid, u32 chiprev, char *buf, uint len);
u32 brcmf_chip_enum_base(u16 devid);
#endif /* BRCMF_AXIDMP_H */