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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
/* QLogic FCoE Offload Driver
* Copyright (c) 2016-2018 Cavium Inc.
#ifndef _SCSI_FW_FUNCS_H
#define _SCSI_FW_FUNCS_H
#include <linux/qed/common_hsi.h>
#include <linux/qed/storage_common.h>
#include <linux/qed/fcoe_common.h>
struct scsi_sgl_task_params {
struct scsi_sge *sgl;
struct regpair sgl_phys_addr;
u32 total_buffer_size;
u16 num_sges;
/* true if SGL contains a small (< 4KB) SGE in middle(not 1st or last)
* -> relevant for tx only
bool small_mid_sge;
struct scsi_dif_task_params {
u32 initial_ref_tag;
bool initial_ref_tag_is_valid;
u16 application_tag;
u16 application_tag_mask;
u16 dif_block_size_log;
bool dif_on_network;
bool dif_on_host;
u8 host_guard_type;
u8 protection_type;
u8 ref_tag_mask;
bool crc_seed;
/* Enable Connection error upon DIF error (segments with DIF errors are
* dropped)
bool tx_dif_conn_err_en;
bool ignore_app_tag;
bool keep_ref_tag_const;
bool validate_guard;
bool validate_app_tag;
bool validate_ref_tag;
bool forward_guard;
bool forward_app_tag;
bool forward_ref_tag;
bool forward_app_tag_with_mask;
bool forward_ref_tag_with_mask;
struct scsi_initiator_cmd_params {
/* for cdb_size > default CDB size (extended CDB > 16 bytes) ->
* pointer to the CDB buffer SGE
struct scsi_sge extended_cdb_sge;
/* Physical address of sense data buffer for sense data - 256B buffer */
struct regpair sense_data_buffer_phys_addr;
* @brief scsi_is_slow_sgl - checks for slow SGL
* @param num_sges - number of sges in SGL
* @param small_mid_sge - True is the SGL contains an SGE which is smaller than
* 4KB and its not the 1st or last SGE in the SGL
bool scsi_is_slow_sgl(u16 num_sges, bool small_mid_sge);
* @brief init_scsi_sgl_context - initializes SGL task context
* @param sgl_params - SGL context parameters to initialize (output parameter)
* @param data_desc - context struct containing SGEs array to set (output
* parameter)
* @param sgl_task_params - SGL parameters (input)
void init_scsi_sgl_context(struct scsi_sgl_params *sgl_params,
struct scsi_cached_sges *ctx_data_desc,
struct scsi_sgl_task_params *sgl_task_params);