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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
* Copyright (c) 2015-2021, Linaro Limited
#include <linux/arm-smccc.h>
#include <linux/rhashtable.h>
#include <linux/semaphore.h>
#include <linux/tee_drv.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
#include "optee_msg.h"
#define DRIVER_NAME "optee"
#define OPTEE_MAX_ARG_SIZE 1024
/* Some Global Platform error codes used in this driver */
#define TEEC_SUCCESS 0x00000000
#define TEEC_ORIGIN_COMMS 0x00000002
typedef void (optee_invoke_fn)(unsigned long, unsigned long, unsigned long,
unsigned long, unsigned long, unsigned long,
unsigned long, unsigned long,
struct arm_smccc_res *);
struct optee_call_waiter {
struct list_head list_node;
struct completion c;
struct optee_call_queue {
/* Serializes access to this struct */
struct mutex mutex;
struct list_head waiters;
struct optee_wait_queue {
/* Serializes access to this struct */
struct mutex mu;
struct list_head db;
* struct optee_supp - supplicant synchronization struct
* @ctx the context of current connected supplicant.
* if !NULL the supplicant device is available for use,
* else busy
* @mutex: held while accessing content of this struct
* @req_id: current request id if supplicant is doing synchronous
* communication, else -1
* @reqs: queued request not yet retrieved by supplicant
* @idr: IDR holding all requests currently being processed
* by supplicant
* @reqs_c: completion used by supplicant when waiting for a
* request to be queued.
struct optee_supp {
/* Serializes access to this struct */
struct mutex mutex;
struct tee_context *ctx;
int req_id;
struct list_head reqs;
struct idr idr;
struct completion reqs_c;
struct optee_smc {
optee_invoke_fn *invoke_fn;
void *memremaped_shm;
u32 sec_caps;
* struct optee_ffa_data - FFA communication struct
* @ffa_dev FFA device, contains the destination id, the id of
* OP-TEE in secure world
* @ffa_ops FFA operations
* @mutex Serializes access to @global_ids
* @global_ids FF-A shared memory global handle translation
struct optee_ffa {
struct ffa_device *ffa_dev;
const struct ffa_dev_ops *ffa_ops;
/* Serializes access to @global_ids */
struct mutex mutex;
struct rhashtable global_ids;
struct optee;
* struct optee_ops - OP-TEE driver internal operations
* @do_call_with_arg: enters OP-TEE in secure world
* @to_msg_param: converts from struct tee_param to OPTEE_MSG parameters
* @from_msg_param: converts from OPTEE_MSG parameters to struct tee_param
* These OPs are only supposed to be used internally in the OP-TEE driver
* as a way of abstracting the different methogs of entering OP-TEE in
* secure world.
struct optee_ops {
int (*do_call_with_arg)(struct tee_context *ctx,
struct tee_shm *shm_arg);
int (*to_msg_param)(struct optee *optee,
struct optee_msg_param *msg_params,
size_t num_params, const struct tee_param *params);
int (*from_msg_param)(struct optee *optee, struct tee_param *params,
size_t num_params,
const struct optee_msg_param *msg_params);
* struct optee - main service struct
* @supp_teedev: supplicant device
* @ops: internal callbacks for different ways to reach secure
* world
* @teedev: client device
* @smc: specific to SMC ABI
* @ffa: specific to FF-A ABI
* @call_queue: queue of threads waiting to call @invoke_fn
* @wait_queue: queue of threads from secure world waiting for a
* secure world sync object
* @supp: supplicant synchronization struct for RPC to supplicant
* @pool: shared memory pool
* @rpc_arg_count: If > 0 number of RPC parameters to make room for
* @scan_bus_done flag if device registation was already done.
* @scan_bus_wq workqueue to scan optee bus and register optee drivers
* @scan_bus_work workq to scan optee bus and register optee drivers
struct optee {
struct tee_device *supp_teedev;
struct tee_device *teedev;
const struct optee_ops *ops;
union {
struct optee_smc smc;
struct optee_ffa ffa;
struct optee_call_queue call_queue;
struct optee_wait_queue wait_queue;
struct optee_supp supp;
struct tee_shm_pool *pool;
unsigned int rpc_arg_count;
bool scan_bus_done;
struct workqueue_struct *scan_bus_wq;
struct work_struct scan_bus_work;
struct optee_session {
struct list_head list_node;
u32 session_id;
struct optee_context_data {
/* Serializes access to this struct */
struct mutex mutex;
struct list_head sess_list;
struct optee_rpc_param {
u32 a0;
u32 a1;
u32 a2;
u32 a3;
u32 a4;
u32 a5;
u32 a6;
u32 a7;
/* Holds context that is preserved during one STD call */
struct optee_call_ctx {
/* information about pages list used in last allocation */
void *pages_list;
size_t num_entries;
void optee_wait_queue_init(struct optee_wait_queue *wq);
void optee_wait_queue_exit(struct optee_wait_queue *wq);
u32 optee_supp_thrd_req(struct tee_context *ctx, u32 func, size_t num_params,
struct tee_param *param);
int optee_supp_read(struct tee_context *ctx, void __user *buf, size_t len);
int optee_supp_write(struct tee_context *ctx, void __user *buf, size_t len);
void optee_supp_init(struct optee_supp *supp);
void optee_supp_uninit(struct optee_supp *supp);
void optee_supp_release(struct optee_supp *supp);
int optee_supp_recv(struct tee_context *ctx, u32 *func, u32 *num_params,
struct tee_param *param);
int optee_supp_send(struct tee_context *ctx, u32 ret, u32 num_params,
struct tee_param *param);
int optee_open_session(struct tee_context *ctx,
struct tee_ioctl_open_session_arg *arg,
struct tee_param *param);
int optee_close_session_helper(struct tee_context *ctx, u32 session);
int optee_close_session(struct tee_context *ctx, u32 session);
int optee_invoke_func(struct tee_context *ctx, struct tee_ioctl_invoke_arg *arg,
struct tee_param *param);
int optee_cancel_req(struct tee_context *ctx, u32 cancel_id, u32 session);
int optee_enumerate_devices(u32 func);
void optee_unregister_devices(void);
int optee_pool_op_alloc_helper(struct tee_shm_pool_mgr *poolm,
struct tee_shm *shm, size_t size,
int (*shm_register)(struct tee_context *ctx,
struct tee_shm *shm,
struct page **pages,
size_t num_pages,
unsigned long start));
void optee_remove_common(struct optee *optee);
int optee_open(struct tee_context *ctx, bool cap_memref_null);
void optee_release(struct tee_context *ctx);
void optee_release_supp(struct tee_context *ctx);
static inline void optee_from_msg_param_value(struct tee_param *p, u32 attr,
const struct optee_msg_param *mp)
p->u.value.a = mp->u.value.a;
p->u.value.b = mp->u.value.b;
p->u.value.c = mp->u.value.c;
static inline void optee_to_msg_param_value(struct optee_msg_param *mp,
const struct tee_param *p)
mp->attr = OPTEE_MSG_ATTR_TYPE_VALUE_INPUT + p->attr -
mp->u.value.a = p->u.value.a;
mp->u.value.b = p->u.value.b;
mp->u.value.c = p->u.value.c;
void optee_cq_wait_init(struct optee_call_queue *cq,
struct optee_call_waiter *w);
void optee_cq_wait_for_completion(struct optee_call_queue *cq,
struct optee_call_waiter *w);
void optee_cq_wait_final(struct optee_call_queue *cq,
struct optee_call_waiter *w);
int optee_check_mem_type(unsigned long start, size_t num_pages);
struct tee_shm *optee_get_msg_arg(struct tee_context *ctx, size_t num_params,
struct optee_msg_arg **msg_arg);
struct tee_shm *optee_rpc_cmd_alloc_suppl(struct tee_context *ctx, size_t sz);
void optee_rpc_cmd_free_suppl(struct tee_context *ctx, struct tee_shm *shm);
void optee_rpc_cmd(struct tee_context *ctx, struct optee *optee,
struct optee_msg_arg *arg);
* Small helpers
static inline void *reg_pair_to_ptr(u32 reg0, u32 reg1)
return (void *)(unsigned long)(((u64)reg0 << 32) | reg1);
static inline void reg_pair_from_64(u32 *reg0, u32 *reg1, u64 val)
*reg0 = val >> 32;
*reg1 = val;
/* Registration of the ABIs */
int optee_smc_abi_register(void);
void optee_smc_abi_unregister(void);
int optee_ffa_abi_register(void);
void optee_ffa_abi_unregister(void);
#endif /*OPTEE_PRIVATE_H*/