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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
* tools/testing/selftests/kvm/include/sparsebit.h
* Copyright (C) 2018, Google LLC.
* Header file that describes API to the sparsebit library.
* This library provides a memory efficient means of storing
* the settings of bits indexed via a uint64_t. Memory usage
* is reasonable, significantly less than (2^64 / 8) bytes, as
* long as bits that are mostly set or mostly cleared are close
* to each other. This library is efficient in memory usage
* even in the case where most bits are set.
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
struct sparsebit;
typedef uint64_t sparsebit_idx_t;
typedef uint64_t sparsebit_num_t;
struct sparsebit *sparsebit_alloc(void);
void sparsebit_free(struct sparsebit **sbitp);
void sparsebit_copy(struct sparsebit *dstp, struct sparsebit *src);
bool sparsebit_is_set(struct sparsebit *sbit, sparsebit_idx_t idx);
bool sparsebit_is_set_num(struct sparsebit *sbit,
sparsebit_idx_t idx, sparsebit_num_t num);
bool sparsebit_is_clear(struct sparsebit *sbit, sparsebit_idx_t idx);
bool sparsebit_is_clear_num(struct sparsebit *sbit,
sparsebit_idx_t idx, sparsebit_num_t num);
sparsebit_num_t sparsebit_num_set(struct sparsebit *sbit);
bool sparsebit_any_set(struct sparsebit *sbit);
bool sparsebit_any_clear(struct sparsebit *sbit);
bool sparsebit_all_set(struct sparsebit *sbit);
bool sparsebit_all_clear(struct sparsebit *sbit);
sparsebit_idx_t sparsebit_first_set(struct sparsebit *sbit);
sparsebit_idx_t sparsebit_first_clear(struct sparsebit *sbit);
sparsebit_idx_t sparsebit_next_set(struct sparsebit *sbit, sparsebit_idx_t prev);
sparsebit_idx_t sparsebit_next_clear(struct sparsebit *sbit, sparsebit_idx_t prev);
sparsebit_idx_t sparsebit_next_set_num(struct sparsebit *sbit,
sparsebit_idx_t start, sparsebit_num_t num);
sparsebit_idx_t sparsebit_next_clear_num(struct sparsebit *sbit,
sparsebit_idx_t start, sparsebit_num_t num);
void sparsebit_set(struct sparsebit *sbitp, sparsebit_idx_t idx);
void sparsebit_set_num(struct sparsebit *sbitp, sparsebit_idx_t start,
sparsebit_num_t num);
void sparsebit_set_all(struct sparsebit *sbitp);
void sparsebit_clear(struct sparsebit *sbitp, sparsebit_idx_t idx);
void sparsebit_clear_num(struct sparsebit *sbitp,
sparsebit_idx_t start, sparsebit_num_t num);
void sparsebit_clear_all(struct sparsebit *sbitp);
void sparsebit_dump(FILE *stream, struct sparsebit *sbit,
unsigned int indent);
void sparsebit_validate_internal(struct sparsebit *sbit);
#ifdef __cplusplus