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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
#include <linux/iio/iio.h>
#include <linux/mutex.h>
#include <linux/regmap.h>
#include <linux/regulator/consumer.h>
#include <linux/i2c.h>
* enum mpu3050_fullscale - indicates the full range of the sensor in deg/sec
enum mpu3050_fullscale {
FS_250_DPS = 0,
* enum mpu3050_lpf - indicates the low pass filter width
enum mpu3050_lpf {
/* This implicity sets sample frequency to 8 kHz */
LPF_256_HZ_NOLPF = 0,
/* All others sets the sample frequency to 1 kHz */
enum mpu3050_axis {
AXIS_X = 0,
* struct mpu3050 - instance state container for the device
* @dev: parent device for this instance
* @orientation: mounting matrix, flipped axis etc
* @map: regmap to reach the registers
* @lock: serialization lock to marshal all requests
* @irq: the IRQ used for this device
* @regs: the regulators to power this device
* @fullscale: the current fullscale setting for the device
* @lpf: digital low pass filter setting for the device
* @divisor: base frequency divider: divides 8 or 1 kHz
* @calibration: the three signed 16-bit calibration settings that
* get written into the offset registers for each axis to compensate
* for DC offsets
* @trig: trigger for the MPU-3050 interrupt, if present
* @hw_irq_trigger: hardware interrupt trigger is in use
* @irq_actl: interrupt is active low
* @irq_latch: latched IRQ, this means that it is a level IRQ
* @irq_opendrain: the interrupt line shall be configured open drain
* @pending_fifo_footer: tells us if there is a pending footer in the FIFO
* that we have to read out first when handling the FIFO
* @hw_timestamp: latest hardware timestamp from the trigger IRQ, when in
* use
* @i2cmux: an I2C mux reflecting the fact that this sensor is a hub with
* a pass-through I2C interface coming out of it: this device needs to be
* powered up in order to reach devices on the other side of this mux
struct mpu3050 {
struct device *dev;
struct iio_mount_matrix orientation;
struct regmap *map;
struct mutex lock;
int irq;
struct regulator_bulk_data regs[2];
enum mpu3050_fullscale fullscale;
enum mpu3050_lpf lpf;
u8 divisor;
s16 calibration[3];
struct iio_trigger *trig;
bool hw_irq_trigger;
bool irq_actl;
bool irq_latch;
bool irq_opendrain;
bool pending_fifo_footer;
s64 hw_timestamp;
struct i2c_mux_core *i2cmux;
/* Probe called from different transports */
int mpu3050_common_probe(struct device *dev,
struct regmap *map,
int irq,
const char *name);
int mpu3050_common_remove(struct device *dev);
/* PM ops */
extern const struct dev_pm_ops mpu3050_dev_pm_ops;