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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later */
* Coda multi-standard codec IP
* Copyright (C) 2012 Vista Silicon S.L.
* Javier Martin, <>
* Xavier Duret
* Copyright (C) 2012-2014 Philipp Zabel, Pengutronix
#ifndef __CODA_H__
#define __CODA_H__
#include <linux/debugfs.h>
#include <linux/idr.h>
#include <linux/irqreturn.h>
#include <linux/mutex.h>
#include <linux/kfifo.h>
#include <linux/videodev2.h>
#include <linux/ratelimit.h>
#include <media/v4l2-ctrls.h>
#include <media/v4l2-device.h>
#include <media/v4l2-fh.h>
#include <media/videobuf2-v4l2.h>
#include "coda_regs.h"
* This control allows applications to read the per-stream
* (i.e. per-context) Macroblocks Error Count. This value
* is CODA specific.
enum {
V4L2_M2M_SRC = 0,
V4L2_M2M_DST = 1,
enum coda_inst_type {
enum coda_product {
CODA_DX6 = 0xf001,
CODA_HX4 = 0xf00a,
CODA_7541 = 0xf012,
CODA_960 = 0xf020,
struct coda_video_device;
struct coda_devtype {
char *firmware[3];
enum coda_product product;
const struct coda_codec *codecs;
unsigned int num_codecs;
const struct coda_video_device **vdevs;
unsigned int num_vdevs;
size_t workbuf_size;
size_t tempbuf_size;
size_t iram_size;
struct coda_aux_buf {
void *vaddr;
dma_addr_t paddr;
u32 size;
struct debugfs_blob_wrapper blob;
struct dentry *dentry;
struct coda_dev {
struct v4l2_device v4l2_dev;
struct video_device vfd[6];
struct device *dev;
const struct coda_devtype *devtype;
int firmware;
struct vdoa_data *vdoa;
void __iomem *regs_base;
struct clk *clk_per;
struct clk *clk_ahb;
struct reset_control *rstc;
struct coda_aux_buf codebuf;
struct coda_aux_buf tempbuf;
struct coda_aux_buf workbuf;
struct gen_pool *iram_pool;
struct coda_aux_buf iram;
struct mutex dev_mutex;
struct mutex coda_mutex;
struct workqueue_struct *workqueue;
struct v4l2_m2m_dev *m2m_dev;
struct ida ida;
struct dentry *debugfs_root;
struct ratelimit_state mb_err_rs;
struct coda_codec {
u32 mode;
u32 src_fourcc;
u32 dst_fourcc;
u32 max_w;
u32 max_h;
struct coda_huff_tab;
struct coda_params {
u8 rot_mode;
u8 h264_intra_qp;
u8 h264_inter_qp;
u8 h264_min_qp;
u8 h264_max_qp;
u8 h264_disable_deblocking_filter_idc;
s8 h264_slice_alpha_c0_offset_div2;
s8 h264_slice_beta_offset_div2;
bool h264_constrained_intra_pred_flag;
s8 h264_chroma_qp_index_offset;
u8 h264_profile_idc;
u8 h264_level_idc;
u8 mpeg2_profile_idc;
u8 mpeg2_level_idc;
u8 mpeg4_intra_qp;
u8 mpeg4_inter_qp;
u8 gop_size;
int intra_refresh;
enum v4l2_jpeg_chroma_subsampling jpeg_chroma_subsampling;
u8 jpeg_quality;
u8 jpeg_restart_interval;
u8 *jpeg_qmat_tab[3];
int jpeg_qmat_index[3];
int jpeg_huff_dc_index[3];
int jpeg_huff_ac_index[3];
u32 *jpeg_huff_data;
struct coda_huff_tab *jpeg_huff_tab;
int codec_mode;
int codec_mode_aux;
enum v4l2_mpeg_video_multi_slice_mode slice_mode;
u32 framerate;
u16 bitrate;
u16 vbv_delay;
u32 vbv_size;
u32 slice_max_bits;
u32 slice_max_mb;
bool force_ipicture;
bool gop_size_changed;
bool bitrate_changed;
bool framerate_changed;
bool h264_intra_qp_changed;
bool intra_refresh_changed;
bool slice_mode_changed;
bool frame_rc_enable;
bool mb_rc_enable;
struct coda_buffer_meta {
struct list_head list;
u32 sequence;
struct v4l2_timecode timecode;
u64 timestamp;
unsigned int start;
unsigned int end;
bool last;
/* Per-queue, driver-specific private data */
struct coda_q_data {
unsigned int width;
unsigned int height;
unsigned int bytesperline;
unsigned int sizeimage;
unsigned int fourcc;
struct v4l2_rect rect;
struct coda_iram_info {
u32 axi_sram_use;
phys_addr_t buf_bit_use;
phys_addr_t buf_ip_ac_dc_use;
phys_addr_t buf_dbk_y_use;
phys_addr_t buf_dbk_c_use;
phys_addr_t buf_ovl_use;
phys_addr_t buf_btp_use;
phys_addr_t search_ram_paddr;
int search_ram_size;
int remaining;
phys_addr_t next_paddr;
struct coda_ctx;
struct coda_context_ops {
int (*queue_init)(void *priv, struct vb2_queue *src_vq,
struct vb2_queue *dst_vq);
int (*reqbufs)(struct coda_ctx *ctx, struct v4l2_requestbuffers *rb);
int (*start_streaming)(struct coda_ctx *ctx);
int (*prepare_run)(struct coda_ctx *ctx);
void (*finish_run)(struct coda_ctx *ctx);
void (*run_timeout)(struct coda_ctx *ctx);
void (*seq_init_work)(struct work_struct *work);
void (*seq_end_work)(struct work_struct *work);
void (*release)(struct coda_ctx *ctx);
struct coda_internal_frame {
struct coda_aux_buf buf;
struct coda_buffer_meta meta;
u32 type;
u32 error;
struct coda_ctx {
struct coda_dev *dev;
struct mutex buffer_mutex;
struct work_struct pic_run_work;
struct work_struct seq_init_work;
struct work_struct seq_end_work;
struct completion completion;
const struct coda_video_device *cvd;
const struct coda_context_ops *ops;
int aborting;
int initialized;
int streamon_out;
int streamon_cap;
u32 qsequence;
u32 osequence;
u32 sequence_offset;
struct coda_q_data q_data[2];
enum coda_inst_type inst_type;
const struct coda_codec *codec;
enum v4l2_colorspace colorspace;
enum v4l2_xfer_func xfer_func;
enum v4l2_ycbcr_encoding ycbcr_enc;
enum v4l2_quantization quantization;
struct coda_params params;
struct v4l2_ctrl_handler ctrls;
struct v4l2_ctrl *h264_profile_ctrl;
struct v4l2_ctrl *h264_level_ctrl;
struct v4l2_ctrl *mpeg2_profile_ctrl;
struct v4l2_ctrl *mpeg2_level_ctrl;
struct v4l2_ctrl *mpeg4_profile_ctrl;
struct v4l2_ctrl *mpeg4_level_ctrl;
struct v4l2_ctrl *mb_err_cnt_ctrl;
struct v4l2_fh fh;
int gopcounter;
int runcounter;
int jpeg_ecs_offset;
char vpu_header[3][64];
int vpu_header_size[3];
struct kfifo bitstream_fifo;
struct mutex bitstream_mutex;
struct coda_aux_buf bitstream;
bool hold;
struct coda_aux_buf parabuf;
struct coda_aux_buf psbuf;
struct coda_aux_buf slicebuf;
struct coda_internal_frame internal_frames[CODA_MAX_FRAMEBUFFERS];
struct list_head buffer_meta_list;
spinlock_t buffer_meta_lock;
int num_metas;
unsigned int first_frame_sequence;
struct coda_aux_buf workbuf;
int num_internal_frames;
int idx;
int reg_idx;
struct coda_iram_info iram_info;
int tiled_map_type;
u32 bit_stream_param;
u32 frm_dis_flg;
u32 frame_mem_ctrl;
u32 para_change;
int display_idx;
struct dentry *debugfs_entry;
bool use_bit;
bool use_vdoa;
struct vdoa_ctx *vdoa;
* wakeup mutex used to serialize encoder stop command and finish_run,
* ensures that finish_run always either flags the last returned buffer
* or wakes up the capture queue to signal EOS afterwards.
struct mutex wakeup_mutex;
extern int coda_debug;
#define coda_dbg(level, ctx, fmt, arg...) \
do { \
if (coda_debug >= (level)) \
v4l2_dbg((level), coda_debug, &(ctx)->dev->v4l2_dev, \
"%u: " fmt, (ctx)->idx, ##arg); \
} while (0)
void coda_write(struct coda_dev *dev, u32 data, u32 reg);
unsigned int coda_read(struct coda_dev *dev, u32 reg);
void coda_write_base(struct coda_ctx *ctx, struct coda_q_data *q_data,
struct vb2_v4l2_buffer *buf, unsigned int reg_y);
int coda_alloc_aux_buf(struct coda_dev *dev, struct coda_aux_buf *buf,
size_t size, const char *name, struct dentry *parent);
void coda_free_aux_buf(struct coda_dev *dev, struct coda_aux_buf *buf);
int coda_encoder_queue_init(void *priv, struct vb2_queue *src_vq,
struct vb2_queue *dst_vq);
int coda_decoder_queue_init(void *priv, struct vb2_queue *src_vq,
struct vb2_queue *dst_vq);
int coda_hw_reset(struct coda_ctx *ctx);
void coda_fill_bitstream(struct coda_ctx *ctx, struct list_head *buffer_list);
void coda_set_gdi_regs(struct coda_ctx *ctx);
static inline struct coda_q_data *get_q_data(struct coda_ctx *ctx,
enum v4l2_buf_type type)
switch (type) {
return &(ctx->q_data[V4L2_M2M_SRC]);
return &(ctx->q_data[V4L2_M2M_DST]);
return NULL;
const char *coda_product_name(int product);
int coda_check_firmware(struct coda_dev *dev);
static inline unsigned int coda_get_bitstream_payload(struct coda_ctx *ctx)
return kfifo_len(&ctx->bitstream_fifo);
* The bitstream prefetcher needs to read at least 2 256 byte periods past
* the desired bitstream position for all data to reach the decoder.
static inline bool coda_bitstream_can_fetch_past(struct coda_ctx *ctx,
unsigned int pos)
return (int)(ctx-> - ALIGN(pos, 256)) > 512;
bool coda_bitstream_can_fetch_past(struct coda_ctx *ctx, unsigned int pos);
int coda_bitstream_flush(struct coda_ctx *ctx);
void coda_bit_stream_end_flag(struct coda_ctx *ctx);
void coda_m2m_buf_done(struct coda_ctx *ctx, struct vb2_v4l2_buffer *buf,
enum vb2_buffer_state state);
int coda_h264_filler_nal(int size, char *p);
int coda_h264_padding(int size, char *p);
int coda_h264_profile(int profile_idc);
int coda_h264_level(int level_idc);
int coda_sps_parse_profile(struct coda_ctx *ctx, struct vb2_buffer *vb);
int coda_h264_sps_fixup(struct coda_ctx *ctx, int width, int height, char *buf,
int *size, int max_size);
int coda_mpeg2_profile(int profile_idc);
int coda_mpeg2_level(int level_idc);
u32 coda_mpeg2_parse_headers(struct coda_ctx *ctx, u8 *buf, u32 size);
int coda_mpeg4_profile(int profile_idc);
int coda_mpeg4_level(int level_idc);
u32 coda_mpeg4_parse_headers(struct coda_ctx *ctx, u8 *buf, u32 size);
void coda_update_profile_level_ctrls(struct coda_ctx *ctx, u8 profile_idc,
u8 level_idc);
bool coda_jpeg_check_buffer(struct coda_ctx *ctx, struct vb2_buffer *vb);
int coda_jpeg_decode_header(struct coda_ctx *ctx, struct vb2_buffer *vb);
int coda_jpeg_write_tables(struct coda_ctx *ctx);
void coda_set_jpeg_compression_quality(struct coda_ctx *ctx, int quality);
extern const struct coda_context_ops coda_bit_encode_ops;
extern const struct coda_context_ops coda_bit_decode_ops;
extern const struct coda_context_ops coda9_jpeg_encode_ops;
extern const struct coda_context_ops coda9_jpeg_decode_ops;
irqreturn_t coda_irq_handler(int irq, void *data);
irqreturn_t coda9_jpeg_irq_handler(int irq, void *data);
#endif /* __CODA_H__ */