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config INTEL_SKL_INT3472
tristate "Intel SkyLake ACPI INT3472 Driver"
depends on ACPI
depends on COMMON_CLK
depends on I2C
depends on GPIOLIB
depends on REGULATOR
select MFD_CORE
select REGMAP_I2C
This driver adds power controller support for the Intel SkyCam
devices found on the Intel SkyLake platforms.
The INT3472 is a camera power controller, a logical device found on
Intel Skylake-based systems that can map to different hardware
devices depending on the platform. On machines designed for Chrome OS
it maps to a TPS68470 camera PMIC. On machines designed for Windows,
it maps to either a TP68470 camera PMIC, a uP6641Q sensor PMIC, or a
set of discrete GPIOs and power gates.
If your device was designed for Chrome OS, this driver will provide
an ACPI OpRegion, which must be available before any of the devices
using it are probed. For this reason, you should select Y if your
device was designed for ChromeOS. For the same reason the
I2C_DESIGNWARE_PLATFORM option must be set to Y too.
Say Y or M here if you have a SkyLake device designed for use
with Windows or ChromeOS. Say N here if you are not sure.
The module will be named "intel-skl-int3472".