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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later */
* RDMA Transport Layer
* Copyright (c) 2014 - 2018 ProfitBricks GmbH. All rights reserved.
* Copyright (c) 2018 - 2019 1&1 IONOS Cloud GmbH. All rights reserved.
* Copyright (c) 2019 - 2020 1&1 IONOS SE. All rights reserved.
#ifndef RTRS_CLT_H
#define RTRS_CLT_H
#include <linux/device.h>
#include "rtrs-pri.h"
* enum rtrs_clt_state - Client states.
enum rtrs_clt_state {
enum rtrs_mp_policy {
/* see Documentation/ABI/testing/sysfs-class-rtrs-client for details */
struct rtrs_clt_stats_reconnects {
int successful_cnt;
int fail_cnt;
/* see Documentation/ABI/testing/sysfs-class-rtrs-client for details */
struct rtrs_clt_stats_cpu_migr {
atomic_t from;
int to;
/* stats for Read and write operation.
* see Documentation/ABI/testing/sysfs-class-rtrs-client for details
struct rtrs_clt_stats_rdma {
struct {
u64 cnt;
u64 size_total;
} dir[2];
u64 failover_cnt;
struct rtrs_clt_stats_pcpu {
struct rtrs_clt_stats_cpu_migr cpu_migr;
struct rtrs_clt_stats_rdma rdma;
struct rtrs_clt_stats {
struct kobject kobj_stats;
struct rtrs_clt_stats_pcpu __percpu *pcpu_stats;
struct rtrs_clt_stats_reconnects reconnects;
atomic_t inflight;
struct rtrs_clt_con {
struct rtrs_con c;
struct rtrs_iu *rsp_ius;
u32 queue_num;
unsigned int cpu;
struct mutex con_mutex;
int cm_err;
* rtrs_permit - permits the memory allocation for future RDMA operation.
* Combine with irq pinning to keep IO on same CPU.
struct rtrs_permit {
enum rtrs_clt_con_type con_type;
unsigned int cpu_id;
unsigned int mem_id;
unsigned int mem_off;
* rtrs_clt_io_req - describes one inflight IO request
struct rtrs_clt_io_req {
struct list_head list;
struct rtrs_iu *iu;
struct scatterlist *sglist; /* list holding user data */
unsigned int sg_cnt;
unsigned int sg_size;
unsigned int data_len;
unsigned int usr_len;
void *priv;
bool in_use;
enum rtrs_mp_policy mp_policy;
struct rtrs_clt_con *con;
struct rtrs_sg_desc *desc;
struct ib_sge *sge;
struct rtrs_permit *permit;
enum dma_data_direction dir;
void (*conf)(void *priv, int errno);
unsigned long start_jiffies;
struct ib_mr *mr;
struct ib_cqe inv_cqe;
struct completion inv_comp;
int inv_errno;
bool need_inv_comp;
bool need_inv;
refcount_t ref;
struct rtrs_rbuf {
u64 addr;
u32 rkey;
struct rtrs_clt_sess {
struct rtrs_sess s;
struct rtrs_clt *clt;
wait_queue_head_t state_wq;
enum rtrs_clt_state state;
atomic_t connected_cnt;
struct mutex init_mutex;
struct rtrs_clt_io_req *reqs;
struct delayed_work reconnect_dwork;
struct work_struct close_work;
unsigned int reconnect_attempts;
bool established;
struct rtrs_rbuf *rbufs;
size_t max_io_size;
u32 max_hdr_size;
u32 chunk_size;
size_t queue_depth;
u32 max_pages_per_mr;
u32 flags;
struct kobject kobj;
u8 for_new_clt;
struct rtrs_clt_stats *stats;
/* cache hca_port and hca_name to display in sysfs */
u8 hca_port;
char hca_name[IB_DEVICE_NAME_MAX];
struct list_head __percpu
struct rtrs_clt {
struct list_head paths_list; /* rcu protected list */
size_t paths_num;
struct rtrs_clt_sess
__rcu * __percpu *pcpu_path;
uuid_t paths_uuid;
int paths_up;
struct mutex paths_mutex;
struct mutex paths_ev_mutex;
char sessname[NAME_MAX];
u16 port;
unsigned int max_reconnect_attempts;
unsigned int reconnect_delay_sec;
unsigned int max_segments;
void *permits;
unsigned long *permits_map;
size_t queue_depth;
size_t max_io_size;
wait_queue_head_t permits_wait;
size_t pdu_sz;
void *priv;
void (*link_ev)(void *priv,
enum rtrs_clt_link_ev ev);
struct device dev;
struct kobject *kobj_paths;
enum rtrs_mp_policy mp_policy;
static inline struct rtrs_clt_con *to_clt_con(struct rtrs_con *c)
return container_of(c, struct rtrs_clt_con, c);
static inline struct rtrs_clt_sess *to_clt_sess(struct rtrs_sess *s)
return container_of(s, struct rtrs_clt_sess, s);
static inline int permit_size(struct rtrs_clt *clt)
return sizeof(struct rtrs_permit) + clt->pdu_sz;
static inline struct rtrs_permit *get_permit(struct rtrs_clt *clt, int idx)
return (struct rtrs_permit *)(clt->permits + permit_size(clt) * idx);
int rtrs_clt_reconnect_from_sysfs(struct rtrs_clt_sess *sess);
void rtrs_clt_close_conns(struct rtrs_clt_sess *sess, bool wait);
int rtrs_clt_create_path_from_sysfs(struct rtrs_clt *clt,
struct rtrs_addr *addr);
int rtrs_clt_remove_path_from_sysfs(struct rtrs_clt_sess *sess,
const struct attribute *sysfs_self);
void rtrs_clt_set_max_reconnect_attempts(struct rtrs_clt *clt, int value);
int rtrs_clt_get_max_reconnect_attempts(const struct rtrs_clt *clt);
void free_sess(struct rtrs_clt_sess *sess);
/* rtrs-clt-stats.c */
int rtrs_clt_init_stats(struct rtrs_clt_stats *stats);
void rtrs_clt_inc_failover_cnt(struct rtrs_clt_stats *s);
void rtrs_clt_update_wc_stats(struct rtrs_clt_con *con);
void rtrs_clt_update_all_stats(struct rtrs_clt_io_req *req, int dir);
int rtrs_clt_reset_rdma_lat_distr_stats(struct rtrs_clt_stats *stats,
bool enable);
ssize_t rtrs_clt_stats_rdma_lat_distr_to_str(struct rtrs_clt_stats *stats,
char *page);
int rtrs_clt_reset_cpu_migr_stats(struct rtrs_clt_stats *stats, bool enable);
int rtrs_clt_stats_migration_from_cnt_to_str(struct rtrs_clt_stats *stats, char *buf);
int rtrs_clt_stats_migration_to_cnt_to_str(struct rtrs_clt_stats *stats, char *buf);
int rtrs_clt_reset_reconnects_stat(struct rtrs_clt_stats *stats, bool enable);
int rtrs_clt_stats_reconnects_to_str(struct rtrs_clt_stats *stats, char *buf);
int rtrs_clt_reset_rdma_stats(struct rtrs_clt_stats *stats, bool enable);
ssize_t rtrs_clt_stats_rdma_to_str(struct rtrs_clt_stats *stats,
char *page);
int rtrs_clt_reset_all_stats(struct rtrs_clt_stats *stats, bool enable);
ssize_t rtrs_clt_reset_all_help(struct rtrs_clt_stats *stats,
char *page);
/* rtrs-clt-sysfs.c */
int rtrs_clt_create_sysfs_root_files(struct rtrs_clt *clt);
void rtrs_clt_destroy_sysfs_root(struct rtrs_clt *clt);
int rtrs_clt_create_sess_files(struct rtrs_clt_sess *sess);
void rtrs_clt_destroy_sess_files(struct rtrs_clt_sess *sess,
const struct attribute *sysfs_self);
#endif /* RTRS_CLT_H */