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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later */
* RDMA Transport Layer
* Copyright (c) 2014 - 2018 ProfitBricks GmbH. All rights reserved.
* Copyright (c) 2018 - 2019 1&1 IONOS Cloud GmbH. All rights reserved.
* Copyright (c) 2019 - 2020 1&1 IONOS SE. All rights reserved.
#ifndef RTRS_H
#define RTRS_H
#include <linux/socket.h>
#include <linux/scatterlist.h>
struct rtrs_permit;
struct rtrs_clt;
struct rtrs_srv_ctx;
struct rtrs_srv;
struct rtrs_srv_op;
* RDMA transport (RTRS) client API
* enum rtrs_clt_link_ev - Events about connectivity state of a client
* @RTRS_CLT_LINK_EV_RECONNECTED Client was reconnected.
* @RTRS_CLT_LINK_EV_DISCONNECTED Client was disconnected.
enum rtrs_clt_link_ev {
* Source and destination address of a path to be established
struct rtrs_addr {
struct sockaddr_storage *src;
struct sockaddr_storage *dst;
* rtrs_clt_ops - it holds the link event callback and private pointer.
* @priv: User supplied private data.
* @link_ev: Event notification callback function for connection state changes
* @priv: User supplied data that was passed to rtrs_clt_open()
* @ev: Occurred event
struct rtrs_clt_ops {
void *priv;
void (*link_ev)(void *priv, enum rtrs_clt_link_ev ev);
struct rtrs_clt *rtrs_clt_open(struct rtrs_clt_ops *ops,
const char *sessname,
const struct rtrs_addr *paths,
size_t path_cnt, u16 port,
size_t pdu_sz, u8 reconnect_delay_sec,
s16 max_reconnect_attempts, u32 nr_poll_queues);
void rtrs_clt_close(struct rtrs_clt *sess);
enum wait_type {
* enum rtrs_clt_con_type() type of ib connection to use with a given
* rtrs_permit
* @ADMIN_CON - use connection reserved for "service" messages
* @IO_CON - use a connection reserved for IO
enum rtrs_clt_con_type {
struct rtrs_permit *rtrs_clt_get_permit(struct rtrs_clt *sess,
enum rtrs_clt_con_type con_type,
enum wait_type wait);
void rtrs_clt_put_permit(struct rtrs_clt *sess, struct rtrs_permit *permit);
* rtrs_clt_req_ops - it holds the request confirmation callback
* and a private pointer.
* @priv: User supplied private data.
* @conf_fn: callback function to be called as confirmation
* @priv: User provided data, passed back with corresponding
* @(conf) confirmation.
* @errno: error number.
struct rtrs_clt_req_ops {
void *priv;
void (*conf_fn)(void *priv, int errno);
int rtrs_clt_request(int dir, struct rtrs_clt_req_ops *ops,
struct rtrs_clt *sess, struct rtrs_permit *permit,
const struct kvec *vec, size_t nr, size_t len,
struct scatterlist *sg, unsigned int sg_cnt);
int rtrs_clt_rdma_cq_direct(struct rtrs_clt *clt, unsigned int index);
* rtrs_attrs - RTRS session attributes
struct rtrs_attrs {
u32 queue_depth;
u32 max_io_size;
u32 max_segments;
int rtrs_clt_query(struct rtrs_clt *sess, struct rtrs_attrs *attr);
* Here goes RTRS server API
* enum rtrs_srv_link_ev - Server link events
* @RTRS_SRV_LINK_EV_CONNECTED: Connection from client established
* @RTRS_SRV_LINK_EV_DISCONNECTED: Connection was disconnected, all
* connection RTRS resources were freed.
enum rtrs_srv_link_ev {
struct rtrs_srv_ops {
* rdma_ev(): Event notification for RDMA operations
* If the callback returns a value != 0, an error
* message for the data transfer will be sent to
* the client.
* @priv: Private data set by rtrs_srv_set_sess_priv()
* @id: internal RTRS operation id
* @dir: READ/WRITE
* @data: Pointer to (bidirectional) rdma memory area:
* - in case of %RTRS_SRV_RDMA_EV_RECV contains
* data sent by the client
* - in case of %RTRS_SRV_RDMA_EV_WRITE_REQ points
* to the memory area where the response is to be
* written to
* @datalen: Size of the memory area in @data
* @usr: The extra user message sent by the client (%vec)
* @usrlen: Size of the user message
int (*rdma_ev)(void *priv,
struct rtrs_srv_op *id, int dir,
void *data, size_t datalen, const void *usr,
size_t usrlen);
* link_ev(): Events about connectivity state changes
* If the callback returns != 0 and the event
* %RTRS_SRV_LINK_EV_CONNECTED the corresponding
* session will be destroyed.
* @sess: Session
* @ev: event
* @priv: Private data from user if previously set with
* rtrs_srv_set_sess_priv()
int (*link_ev)(struct rtrs_srv *sess, enum rtrs_srv_link_ev ev,
void *priv);
struct rtrs_srv_ctx *rtrs_srv_open(struct rtrs_srv_ops *ops, u16 port);
void rtrs_srv_close(struct rtrs_srv_ctx *ctx);
bool rtrs_srv_resp_rdma(struct rtrs_srv_op *id, int errno);
void rtrs_srv_set_sess_priv(struct rtrs_srv *sess, void *priv);
int rtrs_srv_get_sess_name(struct rtrs_srv *sess, char *sessname, size_t len);
int rtrs_srv_get_queue_depth(struct rtrs_srv *sess);
int rtrs_addr_to_sockaddr(const char *str, size_t len, u16 port,
struct rtrs_addr *addr);
int sockaddr_to_str(const struct sockaddr *addr, char *buf, size_t len);
int rtrs_addr_to_str(const struct rtrs_addr *addr, char *buf, size_t len);