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# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only
# Alteon network device configuration
bool "Alteon devices"
default y
depends on PCI
If you have a network (Ethernet) card belonging to this class, say Y.
Note that the answer to this question doesn't directly affect the
kernel: saying N will just cause the configurator to skip all
the questions about Alteon cards. If you say Y, you will be asked for
your specific card in the following questions.
config ACENIC
tristate "Alteon AceNIC/3Com 3C985/NetGear GA620 Gigabit support"
depends on PCI
Say Y here if you have an Alteon AceNIC, 3Com 3C985(B), NetGear
GA620, SGI Gigabit or Farallon PN9000-SX PCI Gigabit Ethernet
adapter. The driver allows for using the Jumbo Frame option (9000
bytes/frame) however it requires that your switches can handle this
as well. To enable Jumbo Frames, add `mtu 9000' to your ifconfig
To compile this driver as a module, choose M here: the
module will be called acenic.
bool "Omit support for old Tigon I based AceNICs"
depends on ACENIC
Say Y here if you only have Tigon II based AceNICs and want to leave
out support for the older Tigon I based cards which are no longer
being sold (ie. the original Alteon AceNIC and 3Com 3C985 (non B
version)). This will reduce the size of the driver object by
app. 100KB. If you are not sure whether your card is a Tigon I or a
Tigon II, say N here.
The safe and default value for this is N.