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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
/* Copyright (c) 2018, The Linux Foundation. All rights reserved.
* Copyright (C) 2018-2020 Linaro Ltd.
#ifndef _IPA_QMI_H_
#define _IPA_QMI_H_
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/soc/qcom/qmi.h>
struct ipa;
* struct ipa_qmi - QMI state associated with an IPA
* @client_handle: Used to send an QMI requests to the modem
* @server_handle: Used to handle QMI requests from the modem
* @modem_sq: QMAP socket address for the modem QMI server
* @init_driver_work: Work structure used for INIT_DRIVER message handling
* @initial_boot: True if first boot has not yet completed
* @uc_ready: True once DRIVER_INIT_COMPLETE request received
* @modem_ready: True when INIT_DRIVER response received
* @indication_requested: True when INDICATION_REGISTER request received
* @indication_sent: True when INIT_COMPLETE indication sent
struct ipa_qmi {
struct qmi_handle client_handle;
struct qmi_handle server_handle;
/* Information used for the client handle */
struct sockaddr_qrtr modem_sq;
struct work_struct init_driver_work;
/* Flags used in negotiating readiness */
bool initial_boot;
bool uc_ready;
bool modem_ready;
bool indication_requested;
bool indication_sent;
* ipa_qmi_setup() - Set up for QMI message exchange
* @ipa: IPA pointer
* This is called at the end of ipa_setup(), to prepare for the exchange
* of QMI messages that perform a "handshake" between the AP and modem.
* When the modem QMI server announces its presence, an AP request message
* supplies operating parameters to be used to the modem, and the modem
* acknowledges receipt of those parameters. The modem will not touch the
* IPA hardware until this handshake is complete.
* If the modem crashes (or shuts down) a new handshake begins when the
* modem's QMI server is started again.
int ipa_qmi_setup(struct ipa *ipa);
* ipa_qmi_teardown() - Tear down IPA QMI handles
* @ipa: IPA pointer
void ipa_qmi_teardown(struct ipa *ipa);
#endif /* !_IPA_QMI_H_ */