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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only
* Copyright (C) 2020-21 Intel Corporation.
#include "iosm_ipc_mux.h"
/* Queue level size and reporting
* >1 is enable, 0 is disable
/* Size of the buffer for the IP MUX commands. */
/* Maximum number of packets in a go per session */
/* ADGH: Signature of the Datagram Header. */
#define MUX_SIG_ADGH 0x48474441
/* CMDH: Signature of the Command Header. */
#define MUX_SIG_CMDH 0x48444D43
/* QLTH: Signature of the Queue Level Table */
#define MUX_SIG_QLTH 0x48544C51
/* FCTH: Signature of the Flow Credit Table */
#define MUX_SIG_FCTH 0x48544346
/* MUX UL session threshold factor */
/* Size of the buffer for the IP MUX Lite data buffer. */
#define IPC_MEM_MAX_DL_MUX_LITE_BUF_SIZE (2 * 1024)
/* MUX UL session threshold in number of packets */
/* Default time out for sending IPC session commands like
* open session, close session etc
* unit : milliseconds
#define IPC_MUX_CMD_RUN_DEFAULT_TIMEOUT 1000 /* 1 second */
/* MUX UL flow control lower threshold in bytes */
#define IPC_MEM_MUX_UL_FLOWCTRL_LOW_B 10240 /* 10KB */
/* MUX UL flow control higher threshold in bytes (5ms worth of data)*/
#define IPC_MEM_MUX_UL_FLOWCTRL_HIGH_B (110 * 1024)
* struct mux_adgh - Aggregated Datagram Header.
* @signature: Signature of the Aggregated Datagram Header(0x48474441)
* @length: Length (in bytes) of the datagram header. This length
* shall include the header size. Min value: 0x10
* @if_id: ID of the interface the datagrams belong to
* @opt_ipv4v6: Indicates IPv4(=0)/IPv6(=1), It is optional if not
* used set it to zero.
* @reserved: Reserved bits. Set to zero.
* @service_class: Service class identifier for the datagram.
* @next_count: Count of the datagrams that shall be following this
* datagrams for this interface. A count of zero means
* the next datagram may not belong to this interface.
* @reserved1: Reserved bytes, Set to zero
struct mux_adgh {
__le32 signature;
__le16 length;
u8 if_id;
u8 opt_ipv4v6;
u8 service_class;
u8 next_count;
u8 reserved1[6];
* struct mux_lite_cmdh - MUX Lite Command Header
* @signature: Signature of the Command Header(0x48444D43)
* @cmd_len: Length (in bytes) of the command. This length shall
* include the header size. Minimum value: 0x10
* @if_id: ID of the interface the commands in the table belong to.
* @reserved: Reserved Set to zero.
* @command_type: Command Enum.
* @transaction_id: 4 byte value shall be generated and sent along with a
* command Responses and ACKs shall have the same
* Transaction ID as their commands. It shall be unique to
* the command transaction on the given interface.
* @param: Optional parameters used with the command.
struct mux_lite_cmdh {
__le32 signature;
__le16 cmd_len;
u8 if_id;
u8 reserved;
__le32 command_type;
__le32 transaction_id;
union mux_cmd_param param;
* struct mux_lite_vfl - value field in generic table
* @nr_of_bytes: Number of bytes available to transmit in the queue.
struct mux_lite_vfl {
__le32 nr_of_bytes;
* struct ipc_mem_lite_gen_tbl - Generic table format for Queue Level
* and Flow Credit
* @signature: Signature of the table
* @length: Length of the table
* @if_id: ID of the interface the table belongs to
* @vfl_length: Value field length
* @reserved: Reserved
* @vfl: Value field of variable length
struct ipc_mem_lite_gen_tbl {
__le32 signature;
__le16 length;
u8 if_id;
u8 vfl_length;
u32 reserved[2];
struct mux_lite_vfl vfl;
* ipc_mux_dl_decode -Route the DL packet through the IP MUX layer
* depending on Header.
* @ipc_mux: Pointer to MUX data-struct
* @skb: Pointer to ipc_skb.
void ipc_mux_dl_decode(struct iosm_mux *ipc_mux, struct sk_buff *skb);
* ipc_mux_dl_acb_send_cmds - Respond to the Command blocks.
* @ipc_mux: Pointer to MUX data-struct
* @cmd_type: Command
* @if_id: Session interface id.
* @transaction_id: Command transaction id.
* @param: Pointer to command params.
* @res_size: Response size
* @blocking: True for blocking send
* @respond: If true return transaction ID
* Returns: 0 in success and failure value on error
int ipc_mux_dl_acb_send_cmds(struct iosm_mux *ipc_mux, u32 cmd_type, u8 if_id,
u32 transaction_id, union mux_cmd_param *param,
size_t res_size, bool blocking, bool respond);
* ipc_mux_netif_tx_flowctrl - Enable/Disable TX flow control on MUX sessions.
* @session: Pointer to mux_session struct
* @idx: Session ID
* @on: true for Enable and false for disable flow control
void ipc_mux_netif_tx_flowctrl(struct mux_session *session, int idx, bool on);
* ipc_mux_ul_trigger_encode - Route the UL packet through the IP MUX layer
* for encoding.
* @ipc_mux: Pointer to MUX data-struct
* @if_id: Session ID.
* @skb: Pointer to ipc_skb.
* Returns: 0 if successfully encoded
* failure value on error
* -EBUSY if packet has to be retransmitted.
int ipc_mux_ul_trigger_encode(struct iosm_mux *ipc_mux, int if_id,
struct sk_buff *skb);
* ipc_mux_ul_data_encode - UL encode function for calling from Tasklet context.
* @ipc_mux: Pointer to MUX data-struct
* Returns: TRUE if any packet of any session is encoded FALSE otherwise.
bool ipc_mux_ul_data_encode(struct iosm_mux *ipc_mux);
* ipc_mux_ul_encoded_process - Handles the Modem processed UL data by adding
* the SKB to the UL free list.
* @ipc_mux: Pointer to MUX data-struct
* @skb: Pointer to ipc_skb.
void ipc_mux_ul_encoded_process(struct iosm_mux *ipc_mux, struct sk_buff *skb);