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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only
* Copyright (C) 2020-21 Intel Corporation.
/* Number of available element for the input message queue of the IPC
* ipc_task
* struct ipc_task_queue_args - Struct for Task queue elements
* @ipc_imem: Pointer to struct iosm_imem
* @msg: Message argument for tasklet function. (optional, can be NULL)
* @completion: OS object used to wait for the tasklet function to finish for
* synchronous calls
* @func: Function to be called in tasklet (tl) context
* @arg: Generic integer argument for tasklet function (optional)
* @size: Message size argument for tasklet function (optional)
* @response: Return code of tasklet function for synchronous calls
* @is_copy: Is true if msg contains a pointer to a copy of the original msg
* for async. calls that needs to be freed once the tasklet returns
struct ipc_task_queue_args {
struct iosm_imem *ipc_imem;
void *msg;
struct completion *completion;
int (*func)(struct iosm_imem *ipc_imem, int arg, void *msg,
size_t size);
int arg;
size_t size;
int response;
u8 is_copy:1;
* struct ipc_task_queue - Struct for Task queue
* @q_lock: Protect the message queue of the ipc ipc_task
* @args: Message queue of the IPC ipc_task
* @q_rpos: First queue element to process.
* @q_wpos: First free element of the input queue.
struct ipc_task_queue {
spinlock_t q_lock; /* for atomic operation on queue */
struct ipc_task_queue_args args[IPC_THREAD_QUEUE_SIZE];
unsigned int q_rpos;
unsigned int q_wpos;
* struct ipc_task - Struct for Task
* @dev: Pointer to device structure
* @ipc_tasklet: Tasklet for serialized work offload
* from interrupts and OS callbacks
* @ipc_queue: Task for entry into ipc task queue
struct ipc_task {
struct device *dev;
struct tasklet_struct *ipc_tasklet;
struct ipc_task_queue ipc_queue;
* ipc_task_init - Allocate a tasklet
* @ipc_task: Pointer to ipc_task structure
* Returns: 0 on success and failure value on error.
int ipc_task_init(struct ipc_task *ipc_task);
* ipc_task_deinit - Free a tasklet, invalidating its pointer.
* @ipc_task: Pointer to ipc_task structure
void ipc_task_deinit(struct ipc_task *ipc_task);
* ipc_task_queue_send_task - Synchronously/Asynchronously call a function in
* tasklet context.
* @imem: Pointer to iosm_imem struct
* @func: Function to be called in tasklet context
* @arg: Integer argument for func
* @msg: Message pointer argument for func
* @size: Size argument for func
* @wait: if true wait for result
* Returns: Result value returned by func or failure value if func could not
* be called.
int ipc_task_queue_send_task(struct iosm_imem *imem,
int (*func)(struct iosm_imem *ipc_imem, int arg,
void *msg, size_t size),
int arg, void *msg, size_t size, bool wait);