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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* Intel ISH client Interface definitions
* Copyright (c) 2019, Intel Corporation.
#include <linux/device.h>
#include <linux/mod_devicetable.h>
struct ishtp_cl_device;
struct ishtp_device;
struct ishtp_cl;
struct ishtp_fw_client;
typedef __printf(2, 3) void (*ishtp_print_log)(struct ishtp_device *dev,
const char *format, ...);
/* Client state */
enum cl_state {
* struct ishtp_cl_device - ISHTP device handle
* @driver: driver instance on a bus
* @name: Name of the device for probe
* @probe: driver callback for device probe
* @remove: driver callback on device removal
* Client drivers defines to get probed/removed for ISHTP client device.
struct ishtp_cl_driver {
struct device_driver driver;
const char *name;
const struct ishtp_device_id *id;
int (*probe)(struct ishtp_cl_device *dev);
void (*remove)(struct ishtp_cl_device *dev);
int (*reset)(struct ishtp_cl_device *dev);
const struct dev_pm_ops *pm;
* struct ishtp_msg_data - ISHTP message data struct
* @size: Size of data in the *data
* @data: Pointer to data
struct ishtp_msg_data {
uint32_t size;
unsigned char *data;
* struct ishtp_cl_rb - request block structure
* @list: Link to list members
* @cl: ISHTP client instance
* @buffer: message header
* @buf_idx: Index into buffer
* @read_time: unused at this time
struct ishtp_cl_rb {
struct list_head list;
struct ishtp_cl *cl;
struct ishtp_msg_data buffer;
unsigned long buf_idx;
unsigned long read_time;
int ishtp_cl_driver_register(struct ishtp_cl_driver *driver,
struct module *owner);
void ishtp_cl_driver_unregister(struct ishtp_cl_driver *driver);
int ishtp_register_event_cb(struct ishtp_cl_device *device,
void (*read_cb)(struct ishtp_cl_device *));
/* Get the device * from ishtp device instance */
struct device *ishtp_device(struct ishtp_cl_device *cl_device);
/* wait for IPC resume */
bool ishtp_wait_resume(struct ishtp_device *dev);
/* Trace interface for clients */
ishtp_print_log ishtp_trace_callback(struct ishtp_cl_device *cl_device);
/* Get device pointer of PCI device for DMA acces */
struct device *ishtp_get_pci_device(struct ishtp_cl_device *cl_device);
struct ishtp_cl *ishtp_cl_allocate(struct ishtp_cl_device *cl_device);
void ishtp_cl_free(struct ishtp_cl *cl);
int ishtp_cl_link(struct ishtp_cl *cl);
void ishtp_cl_unlink(struct ishtp_cl *cl);
int ishtp_cl_disconnect(struct ishtp_cl *cl);
int ishtp_cl_connect(struct ishtp_cl *cl);
int ishtp_cl_send(struct ishtp_cl *cl, uint8_t *buf, size_t length);
int ishtp_cl_flush_queues(struct ishtp_cl *cl);
int ishtp_cl_io_rb_recycle(struct ishtp_cl_rb *rb);
bool ishtp_cl_tx_empty(struct ishtp_cl *cl);
struct ishtp_cl_rb *ishtp_cl_rx_get_rb(struct ishtp_cl *cl);
void *ishtp_get_client_data(struct ishtp_cl *cl);
void ishtp_set_client_data(struct ishtp_cl *cl, void *data);
struct ishtp_device *ishtp_get_ishtp_device(struct ishtp_cl *cl);
void ishtp_set_tx_ring_size(struct ishtp_cl *cl, int size);
void ishtp_set_rx_ring_size(struct ishtp_cl *cl, int size);
void ishtp_set_connection_state(struct ishtp_cl *cl, int state);
void ishtp_cl_set_fw_client_id(struct ishtp_cl *cl, int fw_client_id);
void ishtp_put_device(struct ishtp_cl_device *cl_dev);
void ishtp_get_device(struct ishtp_cl_device *cl_dev);
void ishtp_set_drvdata(struct ishtp_cl_device *cl_device, void *data);
void *ishtp_get_drvdata(struct ishtp_cl_device *cl_device);
struct ishtp_cl_device *ishtp_dev_to_cl_device(struct device *dev);
int ishtp_register_event_cb(struct ishtp_cl_device *device,
void (*read_cb)(struct ishtp_cl_device *));
struct ishtp_fw_client *ishtp_fw_cl_get_client(struct ishtp_device *dev,
const guid_t *uuid);
int ishtp_get_fw_client_id(struct ishtp_fw_client *fw_client);
int ish_hw_reset(struct ishtp_device *dev);
#endif /* _INTEL_ISH_CLIENT_IF_H_ */