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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
* This file is part of the APDS990x sensor driver.
* Chip is combined proximity and ambient light sensor.
* Copyright (C) 2010 Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies).
* Contact: Samu Onkalo <>
#ifndef __APDS990X_H__
#define __APDS990X_H__
#define APDS_IRLED_CURR_12mA 0x3
#define APDS_IRLED_CURR_25mA 0x2
#define APDS_IRLED_CURR_50mA 0x1
#define APDS_IRLED_CURR_100mA 0x0
* struct apds990x_chip_factors - defines effect of the cover window
* @ga: Total glass attenuation
* @cf1: clear channel factor 1 for raw to lux conversion
* @irf1: IR channel factor 1 for raw to lux conversion
* @cf2: clear channel factor 2 for raw to lux conversion
* @irf2: IR channel factor 2 for raw to lux conversion
* @df: device factor for conversion formulas
* Structure for tuning ALS calculation to match with environment.
* Values depend on the material above the sensor and the sensor
* itself. If the GA is zero, driver will use uncovered sensor default values
* format: decimal value * APDS_PARAM_SCALE except df which is plain integer.
#define APDS_PARAM_SCALE 4096
struct apds990x_chip_factors {
int ga;
int cf1;
int irf1;
int cf2;
int irf2;
int df;
* struct apds990x_platform_data - platform data for apsd990x.c driver
* @cf: chip factor data
* @pddrive: IR-led driving current
* @ppcount: number of IR pulses used for proximity estimation
* @setup_resources: interrupt line setup call back function
* @release_resources: interrupt line release call back function
* Proximity detection result depends heavily on correct ppcount, pdrive
* and cover window.
struct apds990x_platform_data {
struct apds990x_chip_factors cf;
u8 pdrive;
u8 ppcount;
int (*setup_resources)(void);
int (*release_resources)(void);