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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* TI pm33xx platform data
* Copyright (C) 2016-2018 Texas Instruments, Inc.
* Dave Gerlach <>
#include <linux/kbuild.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
* WFI Flags for sleep code control
* These flags allow PM code to exclude certain operations from happening
* in the low level ASM code found in sleep33xx.S and sleep43xx.S
* WFI_FLAG_FLUSH_CACHE: Flush the ARM caches and disable caching. Only
* needed when MPU will lose context.
* WFI_FLAG_SELF_REFRESH: Let EMIF place DDR memory into self-refresh and
* disable EMIF.
* WFI_FLAG_SAVE_EMIF: Save context of all EMIF registers and restore in
* resume path. Only needed if PER domain loses context
* and must also have WFI_FLAG_SELF_REFRESH set.
* WFI_FLAG_WAKE_M3: Disable MPU clock or clockdomain to cause wkup_m3 to
* execute when WFI instruction executes.
* WFI_FLAG_RTC_ONLY: Configure the RTC to enter RTC+DDR mode.
#define WFI_FLAG_WAKE_M3 BIT(3)
#ifndef __ASSEMBLER__
struct am33xx_pm_sram_addr {
void (*do_wfi)(void);
unsigned long *do_wfi_sz;
unsigned long *resume_offset;
unsigned long *emif_sram_table;
unsigned long *ro_sram_data;
unsigned long resume_address;
struct am33xx_pm_platform_data {
int (*init)(int (*idle)(u32 wfi_flags));
int (*deinit)(void);
int (*soc_suspend)(unsigned int state, int (*fn)(unsigned long),
unsigned long args);
int (*cpu_suspend)(int (*fn)(unsigned long), unsigned long args);
void (*begin_suspend)(void);
void (*finish_suspend)(void);
struct am33xx_pm_sram_addr *(*get_sram_addrs)(void);
void (*save_context)(void);
void (*restore_context)(void);
int (*check_off_mode_enable)(void);
struct am33xx_pm_sram_data {
u32 wfi_flags;
u32 l2_aux_ctrl_val;
u32 l2_prefetch_ctrl_val;
} __packed __aligned(8);
struct am33xx_pm_ro_sram_data {
u32 amx3_pm_sram_data_virt;
u32 amx3_pm_sram_data_phys;
void __iomem *rtc_base_virt;
} __packed __aligned(8);
#endif /* __ASSEMBLER__ */