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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later */
* Copyright 2009 Texas Instruments.
#include <linux/platform_data/edma.h>
#define SPI_INTERN_CS 0xFF
enum {
SPI_VERSION_1, /* For DM355/DM365/DM6467 */
SPI_VERSION_2, /* For DA8xx */
* davinci_spi_platform_data - Platform data for SPI master device on DaVinci
* @version: version of the SPI IP. Different DaVinci devices have slightly
* varying versions of the same IP.
* @num_chipselect: number of chipselects supported by this SPI master
* @intr_line: interrupt line used to connect the SPI IP to the ARM interrupt
* controller withn the SoC. Possible values are 0 and 1.
* @cshold_bug: set this to true if the SPI controller on your chip requires
* a write to CSHOLD bit in between transfers (like in DM355).
* @dma_event_q: DMA event queue to use if SPI_IO_TYPE_DMA is used for any
* device on the bus.
struct davinci_spi_platform_data {
u8 version;
u8 num_chipselect;
u8 intr_line;
u8 prescaler_limit;
bool cshold_bug;
enum dma_event_q dma_event_q;
* davinci_spi_config - Per-chip-select configuration for SPI slave devices
* @wdelay: amount of delay between transmissions. Measured in number of
* SPI module clocks.
* @odd_parity: polarity of parity flag at the end of transmit data stream.
* 0 - odd parity, 1 - even parity.
* @parity_enable: enable transmission of parity at end of each transmit
* data stream.
* @io_type: type of IO transfer. Choose between polled, interrupt and DMA.
* @timer_disable: disable chip-select timers (setup and hold)
* @c2tdelay: chip-select setup time. Measured in number of SPI module clocks.
* @t2cdelay: chip-select hold time. Measured in number of SPI module clocks.
* @t2edelay: transmit data finished to SPI ENAn pin inactive time. Measured
* in number of SPI clocks.
* @c2edelay: chip-select active to SPI ENAn signal active time. Measured in
* number of SPI clocks.
struct davinci_spi_config {
u8 wdelay;
u8 odd_parity;
u8 parity_enable;
#define SPI_IO_TYPE_INTR 0
#define SPI_IO_TYPE_POLL 1
#define SPI_IO_TYPE_DMA 2
u8 io_type;
u8 timer_disable;
u8 c2tdelay;
u8 t2cdelay;
u8 t2edelay;
u8 c2edelay;
#endif /* __ARCH_ARM_DAVINCI_SPI_H */