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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* linux/include/linux/sunrpc/svc_xprt.h
* RPC server transport I/O
#include <linux/sunrpc/svc.h>
struct module;
struct svc_xprt_ops {
struct svc_xprt *(*xpo_create)(struct svc_serv *,
struct net *net,
struct sockaddr *, int,
struct svc_xprt *(*xpo_accept)(struct svc_xprt *);
int (*xpo_has_wspace)(struct svc_xprt *);
int (*xpo_recvfrom)(struct svc_rqst *);
int (*xpo_sendto)(struct svc_rqst *);
int (*xpo_result_payload)(struct svc_rqst *, unsigned int,
unsigned int);
void (*xpo_release_rqst)(struct svc_rqst *);
void (*xpo_detach)(struct svc_xprt *);
void (*xpo_free)(struct svc_xprt *);
void (*xpo_secure_port)(struct svc_rqst *rqstp);
void (*xpo_kill_temp_xprt)(struct svc_xprt *);
struct svc_xprt_class {
const char *xcl_name;
struct module *xcl_owner;
const struct svc_xprt_ops *xcl_ops;
struct list_head xcl_list;
u32 xcl_max_payload;
int xcl_ident;
* This is embedded in an object that wants a callback before deleting
* an xprt; intended for use by NFSv4.1, which needs to know when a
* client's tcp connection (and hence possibly a backchannel) goes away.
struct svc_xpt_user {
struct list_head list;
void (*callback)(struct svc_xpt_user *);
struct svc_xprt {
struct svc_xprt_class *xpt_class;
const struct svc_xprt_ops *xpt_ops;
struct kref xpt_ref;
struct list_head xpt_list;
struct list_head xpt_ready;
unsigned long xpt_flags;
#define XPT_BUSY 0 /* enqueued/receiving */
#define XPT_CONN 1 /* conn pending */
#define XPT_CLOSE 2 /* dead or dying */
#define XPT_DATA 3 /* data pending */
#define XPT_TEMP 4 /* connected transport */
#define XPT_DEAD 6 /* transport closed */
#define XPT_CHNGBUF 7 /* need to change snd/rcv buf sizes */
#define XPT_DEFERRED 8 /* deferred request pending */
#define XPT_OLD 9 /* used for xprt aging mark+sweep */
#define XPT_LISTENER 10 /* listening endpoint */
#define XPT_CACHE_AUTH 11 /* cache auth info */
#define XPT_LOCAL 12 /* connection from loopback interface */
#define XPT_KILL_TEMP 13 /* call xpo_kill_temp_xprt before closing */
#define XPT_CONG_CTRL 14 /* has congestion control */
struct svc_serv *xpt_server; /* service for transport */
atomic_t xpt_reserved; /* space on outq that is rsvd */
atomic_t xpt_nr_rqsts; /* Number of requests */
struct mutex xpt_mutex; /* to serialize sending data */
spinlock_t xpt_lock; /* protects sk_deferred
* and xpt_auth_cache */
void *xpt_auth_cache;/* auth cache */
struct list_head xpt_deferred; /* deferred requests that need
* to be revisted */
struct sockaddr_storage xpt_local; /* local address */
size_t xpt_locallen; /* length of address */
struct sockaddr_storage xpt_remote; /* remote peer's address */
size_t xpt_remotelen; /* length of address */
char xpt_remotebuf[INET6_ADDRSTRLEN + 10];
struct list_head xpt_users; /* callbacks on free */
struct net *xpt_net;
const struct cred *xpt_cred;
struct rpc_xprt *xpt_bc_xprt; /* NFSv4.1 backchannel */
struct rpc_xprt_switch *xpt_bc_xps; /* NFSv4.1 backchannel */
static inline void unregister_xpt_user(struct svc_xprt *xpt, struct svc_xpt_user *u)
static inline int register_xpt_user(struct svc_xprt *xpt, struct svc_xpt_user *u)
if (test_bit(XPT_CLOSE, &xpt->xpt_flags)) {
* The connection is about to be deleted soon (or,
* worse, may already be deleted--in which case we've
* already notified the xpt_users).
return -ENOTCONN;
list_add(&u->list, &xpt->xpt_users);
return 0;
static inline bool svc_xprt_is_dead(const struct svc_xprt *xprt)
return (test_bit(XPT_DEAD, &xprt->xpt_flags) != 0) ||
(test_bit(XPT_CLOSE, &xprt->xpt_flags) != 0);
int svc_reg_xprt_class(struct svc_xprt_class *);
void svc_unreg_xprt_class(struct svc_xprt_class *);
void svc_xprt_init(struct net *, struct svc_xprt_class *, struct svc_xprt *,
struct svc_serv *);
int svc_create_xprt(struct svc_serv *, const char *, struct net *,
const int, const unsigned short, int,
const struct cred *);
void svc_xprt_received(struct svc_xprt *xprt);
void svc_xprt_do_enqueue(struct svc_xprt *xprt);
void svc_xprt_enqueue(struct svc_xprt *xprt);
void svc_xprt_put(struct svc_xprt *xprt);
void svc_xprt_copy_addrs(struct svc_rqst *rqstp, struct svc_xprt *xprt);
void svc_close_xprt(struct svc_xprt *xprt);
int svc_port_is_privileged(struct sockaddr *sin);
int svc_print_xprts(char *buf, int maxlen);
struct svc_xprt *svc_find_xprt(struct svc_serv *serv, const char *xcl_name,
struct net *net, const sa_family_t af,
const unsigned short port);
int svc_xprt_names(struct svc_serv *serv, char *buf, const int buflen);
void svc_add_new_perm_xprt(struct svc_serv *serv, struct svc_xprt *xprt);
void svc_age_temp_xprts_now(struct svc_serv *, struct sockaddr *);
void svc_xprt_deferred_close(struct svc_xprt *xprt);
static inline void svc_xprt_get(struct svc_xprt *xprt)
static inline void svc_xprt_set_local(struct svc_xprt *xprt,
const struct sockaddr *sa,
const size_t salen)
memcpy(&xprt->xpt_local, sa, salen);
xprt->xpt_locallen = salen;
static inline void svc_xprt_set_remote(struct svc_xprt *xprt,
const struct sockaddr *sa,
const size_t salen)
memcpy(&xprt->xpt_remote, sa, salen);
xprt->xpt_remotelen = salen;
snprintf(xprt->xpt_remotebuf, sizeof(xprt->xpt_remotebuf) - 1,
"%pISpc", sa);
static inline unsigned short svc_addr_port(const struct sockaddr *sa)
const struct sockaddr_in *sin = (const struct sockaddr_in *)sa;
const struct sockaddr_in6 *sin6 = (const struct sockaddr_in6 *)sa;
switch (sa->sa_family) {
case AF_INET:
return ntohs(sin->sin_port);
case AF_INET6:
return ntohs(sin6->sin6_port);
return 0;
static inline size_t svc_addr_len(const struct sockaddr *sa)
switch (sa->sa_family) {
case AF_INET:
return sizeof(struct sockaddr_in);
case AF_INET6:
return sizeof(struct sockaddr_in6);
static inline unsigned short svc_xprt_local_port(const struct svc_xprt *xprt)
return svc_addr_port((const struct sockaddr *)&xprt->xpt_local);
static inline unsigned short svc_xprt_remote_port(const struct svc_xprt *xprt)
return svc_addr_port((const struct sockaddr *)&xprt->xpt_remote);
static inline char *__svc_print_addr(const struct sockaddr *addr,
char *buf, const size_t len)
const struct sockaddr_in *sin = (const struct sockaddr_in *)addr;
const struct sockaddr_in6 *sin6 = (const struct sockaddr_in6 *)addr;
switch (addr->sa_family) {
case AF_INET:
snprintf(buf, len, "%pI4, port=%u", &sin->sin_addr,
case AF_INET6:
snprintf(buf, len, "%pI6, port=%u",
snprintf(buf, len, "unknown address type: %d", addr->sa_family);
return buf;
#endif /* SUNRPC_SVC_XPRT_H */