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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later */
#ifndef _LINUX_UACCE_H
#define _LINUX_UACCE_H
#include <linux/cdev.h>
#include <uapi/misc/uacce/uacce.h>
#define UACCE_NAME "uacce"
struct uacce_queue;
struct uacce_device;
* struct uacce_qfile_region - structure of queue file region
* @type: type of the region
struct uacce_qfile_region {
enum uacce_qfrt type;
* struct uacce_ops - uacce device operations
* @get_available_instances: get available instances left of the device
* @get_queue: get a queue from the device
* @put_queue: free a queue to the device
* @start_queue: make the queue start work after get_queue
* @stop_queue: make the queue stop work before put_queue
* @is_q_updated: check whether the task is finished
* @mmap: mmap addresses of queue to user space
* @ioctl: ioctl for user space users of the queue
struct uacce_ops {
int (*get_available_instances)(struct uacce_device *uacce);
int (*get_queue)(struct uacce_device *uacce, unsigned long arg,
struct uacce_queue *q);
void (*put_queue)(struct uacce_queue *q);
int (*start_queue)(struct uacce_queue *q);
void (*stop_queue)(struct uacce_queue *q);
int (*is_q_updated)(struct uacce_queue *q);
int (*mmap)(struct uacce_queue *q, struct vm_area_struct *vma,
struct uacce_qfile_region *qfr);
long (*ioctl)(struct uacce_queue *q, unsigned int cmd,
unsigned long arg);
* struct uacce_interface - interface required for uacce_register()
* @name: the uacce device name. Will show up in sysfs
* @flags: uacce device attributes
* @ops: pointer to the struct uacce_ops
struct uacce_interface {
unsigned int flags;
const struct uacce_ops *ops;
enum uacce_q_state {
* struct uacce_queue
* @uacce: pointer to uacce
* @priv: private pointer
* @wait: wait queue head
* @list: index into uacce queues list
* @qfrs: pointer of qfr regions
* @state: queue state machine
* @pasid: pasid associated to the mm
* @handle: iommu_sva handle returned by iommu_sva_bind_device()
struct uacce_queue {
struct uacce_device *uacce;
void *priv;
wait_queue_head_t wait;
struct list_head list;
struct uacce_qfile_region *qfrs[UACCE_MAX_REGION];
enum uacce_q_state state;
u32 pasid;
struct iommu_sva *handle;
* struct uacce_device
* @algs: supported algorithms
* @api_ver: api version
* @ops: pointer to the struct uacce_ops
* @qf_pg_num: page numbers of the queue file regions
* @parent: pointer to the parent device
* @is_vf: whether virtual function
* @flags: uacce attributes
* @dev_id: id of the uacce device
* @cdev: cdev of the uacce
* @dev: dev of the uacce
* @priv: private pointer of the uacce
* @queues: list of queues
* @queues_lock: lock for queues list
* @inode: core vfs
struct uacce_device {
const char *algs;
const char *api_ver;
const struct uacce_ops *ops;
unsigned long qf_pg_num[UACCE_MAX_REGION];
struct device *parent;
bool is_vf;
u32 flags;
u32 dev_id;
struct cdev *cdev;
struct device dev;
void *priv;
struct list_head queues;
struct mutex queues_lock;
struct inode *inode;
struct uacce_device *uacce_alloc(struct device *parent,
struct uacce_interface *interface);
int uacce_register(struct uacce_device *uacce);
void uacce_remove(struct uacce_device *uacce);
#else /* CONFIG_UACCE */
static inline
struct uacce_device *uacce_alloc(struct device *parent,
struct uacce_interface *interface)
return ERR_PTR(-ENODEV);
static inline int uacce_register(struct uacce_device *uacce)
return -EINVAL;
static inline void uacce_remove(struct uacce_device *uacce) {}
#endif /* CONFIG_UACCE */
#endif /* _LINUX_UACCE_H */