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-h, --help
Print short help message (similar to **bpftool help**).
-V, --version
Print version number (similar to **bpftool version**), and optional
features that were included when bpftool was compiled. Optional
features include linking against libbfd to provide the disassembler
for JIT-ted programs (**bpftool prog dump jited**) and usage of BPF
skeletons (some features like **bpftool prog profile** or showing
pids associated to BPF objects may rely on it).
-j, --json
Generate JSON output. For commands that cannot produce JSON, this
option has no effect.
-p, --pretty
Generate human-readable JSON output. Implies **-j**.
-d, --debug
Print all logs available, even debug-level information. This includes
logs from libbpf as well as from the verifier, when attempting to
load programs.